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How To Keep Norway Rats Away From Your Property

Also known as the brown rats, the Norway Rats can survive in the wild for up to 2 years. But even with this ability, they still tend to invade human spaces. Rats moving into homes can sometimes create serious consequences for humans. These include spreading diseases, destroying property like wires, and food destruction. Reports say that rats cost the US two billion dollars every year.

It is with this in mind that it is important for you as a homeowner to protect yourself and your homestead from this dangerous rodent.

Use a live trap

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If you’re an animal enthusiast, a live trap is a very humane way to trap a rat. A live trap is also helpful when you don’t want your home stinking from a dead rat. This is because rats seek areas in houses where they won’t be found. The danger with poisoning is that you may not know where the rat will die.

Live traps contain a rodent without hurting it so that you can sanitarily remove it from your home. They’re very simple to use, and don’t require that you touch the animal to release it outside, though wear some hardy gloves anyway just in case. This protects you from bites, as well as from coming into contact with any droppings, which is how rodent diseases often spread.

Choose your bait wisely. It’s actually a myth that house mice are big fans of cheese, so skip the gouda and cheddar and try your luck with one of their known favorites instead, such as fruit, grains, or seeds. As for rats, they’re pretty indiscriminate but have a sweet spot for meat, veggies, cereal, and peanut butter. Read more from Moving…

Block the deck area

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A rat can squeeze through any small opening to get into your home. Homeowners tend to leave spaces between boards. This provides an excellent entry point into the deck for rats. You should be careful when dealing with rats under the deck. Why? You don’t want to poison them, but you also can’t access the area below. So is there a possible solution? Yes, fortunately:

As we mentioned, shelter is something unwanted animals will always look for, so ensure that your garden is not offering a place for pests. Rats won’t be able to make a home under your decked areas if they can’t get in to begin with, so make a barrier.

But, how do you block off your entire decking without employing help or spending loads on materials? Use wood, mesh or chicken wire and run it along the entire edge of your decking between the boards and the ground. If you’re worried that this will ruin your decking’s aesthetic appeal, you can install a wooden trellis and have the mesh running behind it. Then, arrange potted plants or flowerbeds around your decking to mask the mesh further. Read more from IdealHome…

Cut off their food supply

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Do you want the most effective rodent control method? Here it is: cut off the food supply of the rodents. Norway rats will stay in your home because they have a constant food supply. You should observe where and what they are feeding on. It may be the garbage can or your pantry.

Improving sanitation conditions is one of the best ways to prevent and to get rid of rodent problems. Rats and mice are opportunistic feeders that will eat any food discarded by humans. Eliminating their sources of food and water is critical to controlling them.


Pick up trash and any fruits or vegetables that might have fallen from your garden.
Keep tightly sealed lids on garbage cans.
Store pet and bird food in sealed containers.
Get rid of standing water by filling holes or low spots in the yard where puddles might form and by properly storing or covering buckets, pools, or other containers.

Clean up spilled food in cupboards and on floors.
Keep counters and food preparation areas clear of food at night.
Use kitchen trash cans with lids.
Keep all food packages tightly sealed. Read more at Tomcatbrand

Are you reeling under the pressure of a rodent infestation in your home? Consider calling in the professionals. As Maryland’s leading pest control company, Backyard Bug Patrol is here for you. We provide long-lasting rodent control solutions for exceptional homeowners like you. Call us today!