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The Link Between Humidity and Pest Control In Your Home

Climate change is not just a buzzword to use to attract attention on social media. The evidence is plain to see. The current weather conditions in Richmond, VA are startling when compared with the conditions 10 years ago. With the soft winds and high humidity prevailing in the area, you are likely to experience a higher incidence of pest infestation. This post will help you see how this happens and what you can do about it.

Humidity and pest infestation

stink bug control

Yes, with high humidity, you may have uninvited critters in your home. Though humid conditions are most uncomfortable for you, pests think it is the perfect time to party. Well, here’s a deeper look into the issue:

In the midst of a hot and humid summer there are pests that thrive off moisture. Most people tend to severely dislike humidity, but some pests love it. This can create an additional problem if you are already facing moisture issues within your home or building. Perimeter pests that enter structures due to changes in outside conditions are more often found already dead due to a lack of moisture. These moisture-loving pests are normally found in dark, damp areas around foundations where they hide in moist soil, mulch and leaf litter, usually feeding on decaying vegetation. They don’t want to be inside, they were just hoping to find better conditions. Unless a site is very damp, most of these invaders don’t have much of a chance of surviving more than a few days. The odds of finding the right conditions for reproduction indoors are slim although possible, depending on the species. Read more at Bullfrog Pest

Pests that love moisture

Mosquito Control

There are several pests you are likely to find in your home if the level of humidity goes up. They include silverfish, some species of spiders, termites, and mosquitoes, just to mention a few. While all the ones mentioned here are pretty much only a nuisance, mosquitoes are a health threat. Here’s more about mosquitoes in humid conditions.


We couldn’t write about pests that love moisture and not mention the mosquito. These pests are the biggest nuisance around, and they love to torment us with their incessant biting. Mosquitoes can breed in water as shallow as one inch, so make sure you have no standing water anywhere in your home or around your property. Strategically spraying for mosquitoes is the only way to get rid of mosquitoes. DIY methods don’t do much in deterring them from your home and yard. Pest professionals are aware of when, where, how much to spray for mosquitoes. Read more at The Big Green K

What to do

Commercial Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management

The moment you notice that your home is abnormally humid, you need to take the initiative and be proactive. You don’t need to see an infestation within your home before making a move. Prevention is always better than cure. Here’s how:

Update moisture treatment capabilities

The first thing to do is figure out what tools you have available for moisture control. Then, make sure those tools work as effectively as they should. As yourself these questions:

When was the last time a professional serviced my building’s sump pump?
Do I have a whole-building dehumidifying system? If not, do I at least have individual units in problem areas, like the basement?
Have I installed vapor barriers in basement areas or crawl spaces?
When was the last time I checked that the drainage systems are working correctly?

A little maintenance goes a long way when it comes to pest control! By maintaining and dry and uninviting environment, you discourage pests from entering and congregating in your home. Read more at Assured Environments

You, however, don’t have to struggle all alone when the experts in pest control are here for you. Backyard Bug Patrol is the leading pest control company in Richmond, VA. We are passionate about ensuring your home is bug-proof and habitable all year round. Call us today for professional organic pest control services and for any other inquiries.