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How To Handle Your Cricket Problem In Riva, MD

Considered one of the best places to live in Maryland, Riva boasts a high population of homeowners. While you might enjoy the rural feel that Riva offers, the incessant chirping of crickets at night will not be the ‘music to your ears’ you want.

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But is there a good reason for all that noise? The following post offers some insight into this:

Meaning behind the Chirping

There are many different species of crickets, and each one might have its own unique sounds. For example, house crickets create loud, continuous chirps, mainly at night. Field crickets, on the other hand, are a little bit lower in pitch and can also be heard during the day. But despite these slight nuances in sound, most chirping noises all have the same meanings.

The most common sounds are actually mating calls. Crickets produce these chirping sounds when they are trying to attract and woo mates. They also make similar sounds when they’re trying to ward off the competition and mark their territory. Read more at Horizon Pest Control…

Male crickets are the ones that chirp. Although their song may be annoying, you will be surprised that it can be quite useful. It is actually claimed that a cricket’s chirp can tell you the temperature. Just count the number of chirps in 14 seconds and add 40 to get the temperature in Fahrenheit.

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The thing with crickets is that they can live either in or outside of your home. When they are in your house they can be a heavy nuisance when you want to sleep. Here is a post that will explain how to get rid of them yourself.

There are some things you can do to get rid of crickets in your home. An easy homemade trap consists of a jar filled with water and molasses. Crickets will jump into the jar to get to the molasses and drown. Glue traps catch crickets when they walk across them and get stuck. Diatomaceous Earth is a product that is nontoxic to both humans and animals, but deadly to crickets. It works to get rid of crickets naturally instead of chemically. Read more at Do It Yourself…

To prevent crickets from entering your house you will need to seal all potential entry points. These include gaps around doors and cracks in the foundation. Clear the perimeter of your home of grass, weeds, and mulch.


Crickets can also be present in your lawn or garden. You might still find the loud chirping as annoying even when they’re outside, so you want to get rid of them here too. This post will give you useful tips for handling crickets in your lawn or garden.

Hand-picking black crickets in the lawn, or catching crickets with a handheld vacuum, is generally effective unless you have lots of crickets in the yard. If that sounds too time-intensive, sprinkle diatomaceous earth among your garden plants or in areas where you notice crickets hiding, such as in stacks of empty flowerpots and other cool, dark areas. The diatomaceous earth kills crickets on contact.

Spraying with insecticides is unlikely to help get rid of crickets. If crickets are a problem on certain plants, spray them with a mix of one blended garlic bulb, 1 teaspoon of spicy pepper powder and 1 tablespoon of dish soap stirred into 1 quart of water. When applied onto your garden plants, this spray’s spiciness helps repel leaf-eating bugs. Read more at SF Gate…

cricket controlcricket control

If you are trying to identify the crickets outside, they are black or brown insects. They are about one inch in length and will have long antennae. They are not harmful to human beings, so don’t be afraid to get near them.

From the above, it’s evident that handling crickets can be done on your own. However, crickets can be quite resilient pests. For professional extermination services, call Backyard Bug Patrol and we will gladly solve your problem.