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Natural Solutions For Eliminating Stink Bugs In Pasadena, MD

Living in Pasadena MD is great thanks to the amazing people here and all the nice places you could visit in Anne Arundel. However, while you leave the house to enjoy yourself at Downs Park, you don’t really want your mind occupied by the thought of stink bugs living in your home. These tiny bugs hide in cracks and other small spaces in your walls and deliver a terrible smell that makes your home very uncomfortable. Here are three ways to deal with them naturally and get back your peace of mind.

stink bug control

The first option is to prepare a natural spray that you can use to kill them. This can be done using ingredients that are easily found at home. A mixture of soap, water, and lavender oil will kill them on contact. It breaks down their protective exoskeleton, thus dehydrating and killing them.

DIY Spray Recipe



…dish soap

…lavender oil


Add all of the ingredients to your spray bottle and be sure to shake before each use. While the dish soap will help kill off stink bugs, the lavender oil smell deters other stink bugs from coming back to your plants. Read more at…

The great thing about this is that the stink bug won’t smell once it is dead. This is because it has not been crushed.

stink bug control

The second way is to spread Diatomaceous Earth where stink bugs are likely to cross. This organic dust is very good at killing stink bugs. It destroys their exoskeleton, killing them. It is a very fine chalk-like substance too, making it easy to see.

Diatomaceous Earth kills a variety of insects, including stink bugs. It is a dust-like powder that contains a mixture of crushed fossilized algae (diatoms) that are sharp to insects with exoskeletons. When these insects encounter the Diatomaceous Earth powder, it cuts open their exoskeletons. This eventually causes them to dehydrate and die. Because this product contains no man-made chemicals, the insects will not develop a tolerance and therefore will never build up a resistance like they do with certain chemical-based products.You can use Diatomaceous Earth indoors or outdoors to eliminate your stink bug problem wherever it is occurring. As long as the powder stays dry, it will continue to work. Read more at Safer Brand…

This powder is easily obtainable and easy to use. This makes it a very good tool to use when you want to kill any stink bugs.

stink bug control

The last way is to use hot sauce. This is something that is available in most homes. When put in a squirt bottle and sprayed on the exterior of a stink bug, it kills it. It is also cheap enough to get and is available in grocery stores.

Spray the stink bug with hot sauce. Fill a spray bottle with hot sauce or liquified hot peppers. Squirt each stink bug with the spicy insecticide as you see it.

Hot peppers are capable of burning human skin and eyes if handled improperly. Similarly, the peppers can burn away the waxy exterior of the stink bug, ultimately destroying it. Wash your hands after handling hot peppers and hot sauce to avoid accidentally irritating your eyes. Read more at WikiHow…

Crushed up hot peppers and a mixture of hot water can also act as a substitute. This makes it easier to make and use. However, this is not a good option if you have pets or young children.

stink bug control

All of these are ways to kill stink bugs naturally. This gives you peace of mind as you are not only protecting the environment but also your home.

However, if the stink bug problem in your home is more than you can handle with a homemade solution, Backyard Bug Patrol is here for you. We use environmentally-friendly and safe solutions that will eliminate all stink bugs in no time. Call us today!