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Silverfish Solutions And Silver Screen Stunners In Churchton, MD

If you enjoyed the independent film, Yosemite, starring James Franco, or if you were constantly second-guessing what was going on during Body of Lies featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, there’s another name that played a contributing role in both – Churchton’s own Brian Mercer! An actor and producer now based in LA, he’s out there making our community proud.

Let’s go from producing pictures to pesky pests. The silverfish is an insect that has led to over a hundred pest control calls to schools in the UK over the past 2 years. If you’ve come across this scaly, wingless insect slithering across your bathroom, basement or laundry room instead of outside in its usual habitat, your first instinct may be to turn and run. But the truth is unless you’re a dusty dictionary or some other book, you don’t have to fear for your life.

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Silverfish do not carry any diseases relevant to people. They are herbivores and when they are found inside, they usually feed on starchy items, such as old book bindings, paper products and other old moldy items…These pesky bugs aren’t known to bite humans, but since they molt and shed, their scales can mix with dust and potentially trigger allergic reactions in some people. They can also contaminate food and stain clothing. Read more at…

So okay, unless you’re a book, a person with allergies or are worried about food and clothing contamination, then you have nothing to fear. In short, if you spot a silverfish, you ought to eliminate said silverfish.

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Thankfully, the Today show put out an article on their website giving tips on how to get rid of these flat, silver pests. Since we all know “prevention is better than cure” let’s begin with how to keep them away from the onset.

How to keep silverfish away

Create a barrier: “Seal openings that may let them in such as broken door seals, basement windows that aren’t completely tight and other ground level openings,” Hartzer said.

Control your moisture level: “To help keep silverfish out, you should remove the things that attract them or allow them in. Reduce moisture by repairing any leaks and removing sources of standing water or condensation,” Kauffman said.

Keep up your cleaning routine: Despite our best efforts, sometimes insects come inside, but regular vacuuming can certainly help keep silverfish at bay. Read more at…

The board-certified entomologist and technical services manager mentioned above respectively, have summed up how to keep these insects away; seal, dehumidify and clean! Although it may be too cold to go out and start caulking, you can implement these other steps until the weather is conducive to taking on such handy jobs.

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Now if you already have silverfish indoors, you can use diatomaceous earth, boric acid, and traps to get rid of them. The Today article also emphasizes vacuuming to get rid of silverfish and their eggs, reducing moisture indoors, and avoiding the use of salt because of its ineffectiveness and messiness. The last silverfish solution they propose is right at your fingertips if you’re reading this blog.

Call the pros: If your silverfish problem persists, you can always consult a local pest control professional to help identify potential sources and help prevent future infestations. Read more at…

Backyard Bug Patrol is the most experienced local pest control professional to solve your silverfish and other pest problems in Churchton, MD. So if you encounter these icky looking insects in your home and want to get rid of them fast, give us a call!