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Looking for Natural Methods To Solve Your Mosquito Problem In Crofton, MD?

Crofton – a peaceful community in Maryland that you may be fortunate to call home. But nothing is as good at destroying the serene environment of your home as mosquitoes.

Are you an environmental-conscious person that is keen about preserving your environment through safe practices? If so, then you may be worried about using chemicals around your home to control mosquitos. You may also be reading this post for tips on how to get rid of them the natural way. The good news is that natural solutions to your mosquito problem do exist.

Citronella grass

mosquito control

One of these solutions is Citronella grass. It does well in warm climates like that of Crofton MD, especially in the summer, which is great because that’s when mosquitos invade. It can also be easily planted in a container. The following post offers more information:

Known for its distinct smell, citronella grass is the most commonly used natural ingredient in mosquito repellants. In fact, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden recommends lemon-scented plants such as citronella grass to keep mosquitoes at bay. And the good news is that the living plant is the most effective at repelling pests. This low maintenance plant does best in large planters because it cannot withstand frost, but in warmer climates, can be planted directly a sunny area in the ground. Also, when buying Citronella, make sure you buy Cybopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus, which are true varieties. Read more at Garden Design…

Citronella grass works by masking carbon dioxide with its powerful scent. This is important because mosquitoes use carbon dioxide sources to find their prey. Apart from just keeping the plant in a container, you can crush the blades of grass and wipe them on your skin and clothing. This releases the oil, which repels the mosquitoes.


mosquito control

Next on the list is basil. It has a pleasant smell to humans but not to mosquitoes and other pests. In fact, all its varieties will repel the mosquitoes. The following post goes into more detail about it:

Basil is another well-used herb which is helpful to make dishes taste good, but its strong scent also repels mosquitoes. Basil has small but bit broader leaves which is good to plant around your patio, porch or other sitting areas.

There are many varieties of Basil, but lemon and cinnamon basil are found to be most effective in repelling mosquitos and other insects.

Basils grow annually, but in a warmer climate, it reseeds and regrows. You need to keep soil moist and maintain proper drainage and sunlight. You can grow basil in pots, containers or in flowerbeds. Read more at Gear Trench…

You can plant basil in a container or in your garden. Remember to keep its soil moist and to fertilize it every month. In addition, pinch off any developing flower buds because once basil flowers, it stops producing new leaves.


mosquito control

Finally is the lavender plant. This is a beautiful purple plant that thrives in warm areas only needing full sun and good drainage. It is very tough and drought-resistant when fully established. For more information read the following excerpt.

The fragrance of the plant will discourage nearby bug activity, and lavender oil makes an excellent topical repellent—rub some on your skin to stop mosquito attacks. It won’t just keep you scratch free, though. Lavender also nourishes the skin, smells great, and acts as a relaxant, encouraging sound sleep.

With any of the direct skin applications mentioned here, start with the classic perfume/cologne spots—ankles, wrists, and neck. If you’re getting bitten in other places, expand your target surface area. For more sensitive skin, mix the lavender oil with aqueous cream before applying. Read more at Do It Yourself…

Lavender can be used as a mosquito repellant in two ways. You can either plant it in your garden or rub it on your skin. Either is fine, but rubbing it on your skin would be more effective for avoiding bites.

Finding natural solutions to everyday problems is a great way to ensure that our world remains habitable for as long as possible. Using natural methods to get rid of mosquitoes is certainly a step in the right direction. However, if you still experience persistent mosquito problems around your home, call Backyard Bug Patrol. We’ll offer environment-safe solutions that will get rid of mosquitos in no time.