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Smart Tips For Banishing Stink Bugs From Your Boyds, MD Home

You’ll hardly find a person today that doesn’t agree that learning is a right for every human being. However, education hasn’t always been accessible to everyone, and there are still some parts of the world where this is still an issue.

All the way back in 1895, someone, or some people, believed this truth and opened Boyds Negro School to cater for rural African American students. While lots of other schools from that bygone era have been demolished or converted for different use, Boyds Negro School is still standing. That is, with the help of the Maryland Historical Trust and members of the Boyds Historical Society. This is a point of pride for the people of Boyds.

At Backyard Bug Patrol, we encourage learning too. So today’s “lesson” is on Stink bugs.

stink bug control

Scientists have noticed more stink bugs this Fall and since this is the season they hibernate in our homes, it’s necessary to learn how to keep or kick them out. But first, an important question:

Can you keep the bugs out of your house? According to Ph.D. student Sean Boyle, the short answer is no. But there are steps you can take to diminish how many get in.

“There are obvious ways, checking screen doors. They seem to aggregate around screens on hot afternoons in the fall,” said Boyle. “They’re really nifty at getting into AC units and getting into your house one way or another, like through a chimney. So there’s only so much a homeowner can do.” Read more at Washington Top News…

So keeping them out 100% isn’t a likely possibility. But thankfully, there are steps you can take to minimize their access, like checking screen doors and calking portions around your chimney or AC unit.

stink bug control

The next question is hinted at by the previous statement referring to “hot afternoons”: When Are stink bugs most active?

Kuhar said the stink bugs are most active in the afternoon as temperatures start to cool. During the fall, the afternoon sunlight also attracts the bugs.

“Just knowledge of that, knowing there’s a lot of bug movement during that couple of hour span of 2-o’clock to 4-o’clock,” said Kuhar. “It’s a good chance that’s when a lot of them are getting in.” (Washington Top News)

The author then advises that this knowledge of their increased afternoon activity means it’s best to close your windows and doors around this time. So though you can’t keep them all out, you can keep their numbers to a minimum using this tip.

Finally, what do you do with the persistent pests that DO get in? First of all, whatever you do, DON’T squish them! There’s a reason they’re called “stink” bugs. Try this soapy solution instead:

At night, set out a pan filled with soapy water with a light shining on the water. The light will attract the bugs and they will die in the soapy solution. Then, you can just toss them out in the morning. (Washington Top News)

stink bug control

A simple set up can mean the death of stink bugs, so get out a pan, light source, soap and water and you’re ready! Stink bugs banished! For more tips and professional help eliminating stink bugs and other pests, call the team at Backyard Bug Patrol. We’re ready to help!