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Is Brookeville, MD Facing A Spike In Mosquito Danger Days?

Residents of Brookeville, MD have the honor of living in what was the “United States Capital for a day” during the War of 1812, thanks to British troops burning Washington D.C 205 years ago. So we give Brookeville the honor it’s due as a result of sheltering President Madison all those years ago.

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The actual capital recently received some data about mosquitos that may also apply for the residents of Brookeville.

Warmer weather gives mosquitoes a better environment, more time to transmit diseases and new locations to thrive in. Climate Central, did an analysis of 244 cities around the U.S. and found that 94 percent of them are seeing an increase in the number of days that they are exposed to mosquito borne illnesses. The data for D.C. shows that on average the city is experiencing five additional mosquito “Disease Danger Days”, compared to a half-century ago. Read more at WUSA9…

So more warm days mean more mosquitos, which translates to increased chances of infection from mosquito-borne diseases. Remember to wear long sleeves (you probably already are with the dropping temperatures), use mosquito repellent and get rid of standing water around your home.

One of the mosquito-borne diseases that has increased from an average of 5 to 10 general cases to 11 human cases this year is Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

EEE is a rare virus spread through mosquitos. The illness can cause brain swelling preceded by flu-like symptoms, including a high fever, chills and nausea. Severe cases can result in seizures or a coma that can cause brain damage, the CDC said. Read more at CNN…

Though it’s a rare virus, this disease can be pretty deadly. County officials in the area where the most recent death due to EEE occurred sprayed aerial pesticides to combat the pests and potential disease. This is a step in the right direction but needs to be paired with other control measures to prevent more EEE cases.

One control measure that’s a long term solution involves doing our part to reduce climate change.

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An outbreak of a deadly and rare brain disease has killed at least 11 people in the United States so far this year. Scientists say the mosquito-borne illness, Eastern equine encephalitis, may be worse because of unseasonably warm temperatures. It’s one of just several diseases scientists worry are being affected by climate change. Read more at USA Today…

So take your pick: begin carpooling, invest in solar panels, plant more trees and use reusable bottles instead of plastic. Over time, with everyone doing their part to reduce carbon emissions and taking mosquito control measures such as the ones offered by Backyard Bug Patrol, we can hope for fewer cases of EEE and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

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