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How To Spot Fleas In Sandy Spring, MD

Before it gets too cold, you probably want to make a trip to The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring, MD. With everything from wooden bridges, to rope rigs to exhilarating zip lines, there’s really something for everyone. If you come back home after a full, fun day there and notice some itching, you may slather on some cortisone or swallow some Benadryl. Speaking of itching, what about when your dog or cat begins itching a lot? I mean itching until there are some patches without fur? Then you may have a flea problem on your hands.

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Fleas are interesting pests with superb jumping skills, which is how they move around. Though they may not cause direct disease, they can cause an irritating itch, can indirectly cause a skin infection if the skin is torn from scratching, and can cause blood loss in animals. So if you suspect a flea infestation, you ought to contact Backyard Bug Patrol. But how can you tell there are fleas around? As mentioned above, pets scratching themselves are a flashing neon sign pointing to fleas.

Your dog (or cat) is scratching. Even if you don’t catch fleas red-handed, if you see your pet scratching or biting at its fur, fleas may well be the culprit. That’s because not only can fleas cause a sharp pain when they bite, their salivary glands give off a substance that’s irritating to many dogs and cats. Read more at Web MD…

Talk about a double whammy! A flea bite hurts, but its saliva itches! So if you notice your poor pet scratching like crazy, take him or her to the Vet and ask about possible fleas and how to prevent them too.

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What if you don’t own a pet? That doesn’t mean you’re exempt.

If you don’t have a pet, your fleabites could be coming from your yard or another person’s animal. Fleas prefer tall grass and shaded areas near decks, woodpiles, or storage buildings. Just as pet owners have to treat their homes if they become infested, getting rid of an outdoor flea infestation may require you to treat your yard. If you find yourself battling tiny red bites after a day in your yard, consult a pest control expert. Read more at Healthline…

So if you notice little red bites, that may be a sign of fleas. Cut your grass and treat your yard with an organic solution from your “pest control expert” Backyard Bug Patrol, to prevent fleas.

Finally, other than checking your pet because he’s scratching or paying attention to red bites after being in your yard, another way to spot fleas is by looking for something called “flea dirt”.

Keep your eyes peeled for small dark spots known as “flea dirt,” a mixture of blood and feces (yuck!) that is often more visible than the fleas themselves. Flea larvae actually use this “dirt” as a food source, so anything you spot should definitely cause concern. This likely sounds alarming, but in most cases, a thorough deep clean routine can eradicate the problem in anywhere from 10 days to one month. Read more at Country Living…

The best way to look for flea dirt (and actual fleas too) indoors is by wearing white socks and walking slowly on your carpet floors. If you notice lots of dark spots on the bottom of your socks, these are likely flea dirt.

So keep these signs in mind, whether or not you have pets. That way, as soon as you come across any of them, you can spot them and get rid of fleas with the help of your friendly team at Backyard Bug Patrol.