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Mosquito Control Information is Power for You!

Mosquitoes, the bugs that exist almost everywhere in the world. You’d wish that they were as beneficial as bees are in creating honey and other useful products. But sadly, mosquitoes are most famous for their ability to spread illnesses. They don’t pick and choose who to bite and so no one can say they’re completely safe from the bug.

However, you are not helpless. By getting relevant information about mosquitoes, you’re sure to be better at protecting your family against the deadly pest. This post will help you understand mosquitoes better and also how to protect yourself and those you love from these killer bugs.

How long does it take for an adult mosquito to develop?

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In many cases, where the conditions are suitable, it takes anywhere between 7 and 14 days for an adult mosquito to emerge. Here are the main stages these bugs go through:

Egg stage

Eggs are laid on or near the surface of water or on damp soil that will be flooded. Some mosquitoes lay their eggs separately while other lay eggs in rafts of 200 or more. Most eggs hatch within 48 hours.

Larval stage

…Larvae go through four growing stages, called instars, and the fourth instar stage develops into a pupae.

Pupal stage

The pupal stage is a resting, non-feeding phase where the juvenile develops into an adult. Pupae look like little balls in the water. It takes about two days before the adult is formed…

Adult stage

The newly emerged adult rests on the surface of the water for a short time to allow its body parts to harden…Read more at Geelong Australia

By the end of the fourth stage, the mosquito is ready to attack you.

What radius do mosquitoes operate in?

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Interestingly, mosquitoes don’t have the capacity to migrate from one area to another in search of a blood meal. More often than not, the ones that bite you developed into adults within your location.

A mosquito will travel to find a host, as it needs blood to nourish its eggs and reproduce.

Typical mosquitoes that breed in your backyard do not travel very far to breed. They may travel only 300-500 feet from the location in which they were bred. This is because it will most likely find you or small animals in the area to feed on.

A majority of mosquitoes will travel between one and three miles away from their breeding ground. In some cases, mosquitoes have been known to travel between 30-40 miles to find a host. Read more at Cleggs

This basically means that if you are seeing mosquitoes in your yard, there could be a breeding site nearby. If you want to get rid of the bugs, you need to address any potential breeding sites.

Why aren’t the mosquitoes going away?

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You may have tried all you can to get rid of the bugs in your home. But they don’t seem to disappear. There are other factors that may contribute to this. Here is some expert information about this concern.

In the past five decades, despite widespread mosquito control measures, mosquito populations have increased around the country by as much as 10-fold…Why is this happening?

Urbanization, habitat destruction and fragmentation, climate change, as well as chemically-intensive landscape management and agriculture have all led to disruptions in ecosystems. While mosquitoes can readily breed in poor-quality sites created by human disturbance, other organisms—including many of the predators that naturally control mosquitoes—require higher quality habitat. Pesticides that are used to try to control mosquitoes may actually be making matters worse as mosquitoes become resistant to the pesticides, while natural predators and other invertebrates are killed or harmed, which throws aquatic food webs out of balance. Read more at Storymaps

The best way to deal with mosquitoes is to choose a mosquito control method that is eco-friendly.

If you’ve tried everything in the mosquito control book and don’t seem to be making progress, then it’s time to call in the experts. At Backyard Bug Patrol, we have 100% organic options that are effective in eliminating mosquitoes from your yard. You don’t have to struggle anymore. Get in touch with us today for the best deal in town.