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How To Ensure Your Yard is NOT Mosquito-Friendly

It’s true, mosquitoes are very annoying! First, they buzz around you wherever you may be indoors or outdoors. Then, if that was their only crime, you’d probably tolerate their noises. However, mosquitoes also bite, leaving you will ugly swelts. And for some, an allergic reaction makes it even worse. But then also, there’s the other danger of getting sick. Mosquitoes are disease vectors and the last thing you want is any member of your family falling sick due to this tiny annoying bug. What to do? Here are some ideas on how you could make your home unfriendly to the bugs.

Eliminate Breeding Ground

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Imagine a world where there’s no conducive environment for mosquitoes to breed in. Would they all die out or would they find another way to survive? Who knows? But you can do this for starters:

Getting rid of mosquito larvae is the first step you should take if you want to take mosquito control seriously. To do that, you’ll have to identify mosquito breeding grounds and destroy them. Standing water is the most common breeding ground for these insects. Even just a teaspoon of water can hold a whole raft of mosquito larvae.

The goal is to stop larvae before they can become the next generation of adult biting mosquitoes. The best way to do that is to eliminate standing water from your yard. Identify anything that could hold standing water. Look for trash, piles of leaves, toys, and patio furniture that could hold water. Try to keep all these items empty at all times, or better yet, remove them. If you have standing water you can’t remove—for example, a birdbath—consider treating the water with a mosquito larvicide. Read more at MrMr

This should be your foremost strategy. Then you can now deal with adult mosquitoes.

Work on Your Yard

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Adult mosquitoes have preferred hiding places, especially during the day when you’re away. These hideouts are simply found in your yard area.

Tall grass means a cool, shady place for mosquitos to hang out. This goes for shrubs, trees, and weeds too. By manicuring every aspect of your yard and exposing it to more sunlight, the less likely you are to have wet or damp spots that foster mosquito breeding, disease or even mildew…

Some plants are known to repel mosquitoes, and one of most well-known is Citronella. Citronella is a clumping grass that emits a strong aroma that covers up other scents (which helps keep the bugs away). However, there are also flowering mosquito-repellent plants like marigolds, pennyroyal and geraniums that can do the trick too. So if you’ve been looking to update your landscaping, now’s the time to consider adding mosquito repellent plants to your list of must haves for your new beds. Read more at Linnemann Lawn Care

Use your landscaping choices to make a kill. Choose plants and herbs that naturally keep mosquitoes away.

Include These Plants

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Apart from citronella, there are other herbs that can be multifunctional in making your yard look great while also acting like mosquito cops. Here are some examples:

Lavender is a sun-loving perennial that grows well in container gardens or in flower beds. They work very well as a mosquito repellant and they bloom purple to blue flowers during the summer. They can also be used as an herb for lavender lemonade cocktails, iced teas and more.

Rosemary is a great mosquito repellant that looks great in container gardens. It can also be planted in a flower bed. Their spicy aroma scares off the mosquitoes. Throw stems of it on a grill that is beginning to cool down and its aroma will fill the air and push the mosquitoes away even more…

Most people normally think of sage as the herb used when cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but it a wonderful herb that will keep mosquitoes away from your barbeque! Try Pineapple Sage for an extra kick that smells wonderful and the bugs hate. Read more at Graf Growers

There is so much to gain from these natural herbs. But if the problem persists, seek professional advice.

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