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You don’t need to be Traveling to Rio to be at Risk of Zika

The ever growing threat of the mosquito borne, Zika virus is being highly documented, especially with the lead up to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. As people prepare to make their travel arrangements to attend the quadrennial event, there have been particular warnings aimed at women who are pregnant.

World Health Organization Asks Pregnant Women Not To Travel To Brazil For 2016 Olympics

Brazil has been one of the most affected countries in Latin America with 1,271 confirmed Zika cases between October 2015 and April 2016. With the 2016 Olympics coming to Rio, the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization are asking pregnant women not to travel to the South American country.

The virus has been linked to microcephaly,  a birth defect where babies are being born with an abnormally small head. So how is this virus passed to an unborn child?

How Zika Virus Is Passed From Mother To Baby

Women infected with Zika can transmit it to their unborn child during pregnancy, but precisely how this happens has remained a mystery. Scientists have now revealed one potential route. Among flaviviruses — a group that includes Zika, yellow fever and West Nile virus — it’s rare for a virus to be transmitted from one generation to the next. Scientists believe that’s because the organ connecting mother and fetus — the placenta — forms a barrier between the two individuals, separating their circulatory systems.

A truly devastating result from the bite of a mosquito.

Remember, you don’t need to be traveling to Brazil to be at risk, the virus is making it’s way across the United States.

So what can you do to make sure you are protected? First, get your mosquito control in order. If it’s not up to date then it should be! You need to make sure that yourself and your family are protected from these disease spreading creatures. Second, you should check out this article.

Five Easy Ways to Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites

Summer is just around the corner for the DMV, which means mosquito season will also be here before we know it. The U.S. is home to more than 150 mosquito varieties, and in the midst of growing fears of the Zika virus, now is the perfect time to amp up your mosquito-fighting arsenal.

Creating your defense against the attack of Zika doesn’t need to be difficult. Think of yourself, think of your children and most of all, think of those children yet to be born who could fall victim to this devastating disease.