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Mosquito Control: The Surprises and Possible Solutions

Have you ever wondered where mosquitoes came from? Or whether they have always been biting human beings and other animals? Did you ever ask yourself why these bugs are so lethal? Or if there ever was folklore about how humans and mosquitoes once were very friendly to each other? Has the mosquito-human interaction been so murderous from the beginning? And can we even co-exist with these tiny insects? Well, those are some things to think about. But for today, we still think about mosquito control.

Surprising Facts

mosquito control

Well, have you ever thought of the mosquito population in the US? Or what these bugs like to feed on- of course, apart from you! Perhaps the thought of what attracts them to your yard has been crossing your mind. Here are the facts:

There are over 2,500 species of mosquitoes in the world and 150 in the U.S.
Nectar from plants is the primary food for both male and female mosquitoes.
Female mosquitoes must feed on blood in order to produce fertile eggs. In fact, a female mosquito requires one “blood meal” for every batch of eggs she lays.
The welts that appear after a mosquito leaves isn’t from the bite—it’s an allergic reaction to saliva the mosquito injected under the skin to prevent the blood from clotting.
Most adult mosquitoes live for about two weeks.
Mosquitoes are attracted to light, warmth, perspiration, body odor and carbon dioxide. Read more at Gardeners

Could you name ten of the 150 species in the US? You probably can’t. And those “mosquito bites” aren’t bites after all. There are other things we often suppose to be true of mosquitoes but aren’t.

Surprising Misconceptions

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In the course of learning about mosquitoes, several untruths and half-truths have been spread. Somehow like the game known as “broken telephone”. What once began as factual information has been changing into funny stories. Here is one of the common ones:

It’s a common misconception that mosquitoes suck blood for food. They’re not technically parasites, because they only suck blood to nourish their bodies so they can lay and hatch healthy eggs. Mosquitoes can lay 100 eggs at a time, so populations of this pest can get out of control quickly. When eliminating mosquitoes, it’s key to use multiple methods, since not all approaches kill mosquitoes at every stage of the life cycle. Read more at This Old House

Don’t you wish they could just go on their life cycle and skip the egg-laying stage? That way, female mosquitoes wouldn’t have to suck your blood! Hmm, what would that do to the ecosystem? Interestingly, there are some organisms that would suffer if mosquitoes weren’t there.

Surprising Mosquito Feeders

Mosquito Control

The natural food chain or food web in nature is a complex system. Each of the components depends on the other for survival. This is true even for mosquitoes. If humanity would succeed in eliminating mosquitoes from the face of the earth, this animal would not be too happy about it. But you can use its appetite for your advantage:

You might also make a dent on that backyard mosquito population by attracting bats, one of their most-feared predators. Some in-lab studies have shown that a single brown bat can scarf down 1,000 mosquitoes every hour!5

To make that dinnertime feat easier, why not install a bat house? Typically made of wood, bat houses can take many forms and can be many sizes. They can be small, backyard boxes or freestanding towers on tall poles to support colonies. Place the house where it will get at least six hours of sunlight per day — facing south, east or southeast in most climates — and paint the outside a dark color to absorb heat.

Then sit back and wait. The bats will come and the mosquitoes will go. Read more at Tree Hugger

Hopefully, once the mosquitoes are gone, these bats will find something else to feast on. Wanna take a chance with this option?

Well, if you’re not too keen about keeping bats, you can call in the mosquito control gurus. Backyard Bug Patrol is known for its severe hatred for mosquitoes. We will employ our skills, experience and passion in ensuring your home is mosquito proof. Our barrier spray program is sure to deliver results. Call us today for the best deals in town.