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How To Keep Rats Away From Your Car

The abrupt closure of many offices and business premises rendered many jobless. Additionally, many others were forced to telework. This meant that they would have to work from home through various platforms like Zoom, Skype, and even Google Meets. With this, a challenge came up because these individuals were not using their cars as much as they did before. Moreover, to support them, some food companies and supermarkets were doing home deliveries.

If this was to happen again, all the aforementioned factors would expose many cars to rodent infestation. Did you know that rodents, especially rats are fascinated by car hoods? Dr. Parsons a research scholar at Fordham University mentions that hoods provide a feel of their ancestral homes. This is because of how dark they are and the fascination of car wires that they get. How do you make sure your car doesn’t become their habitat?

Park your car in a clean area

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What mostly attracts rodents is food…food…food…and shelter. It might not even be food in your home; it might be that bin that is overflowing next to your car. Or that place near your home that is so unhygienic. If you won’t clear that mess (maybe it’s from your neighbor) then don’t park your car there. Also, check if there are any food remains in your car.

Scout the area where your car is parked to find and eliminate potential hiding and breeding spots for rodents. For example, it is not a bright idea to park your car near the bushes. Parking areas in the cities might not have grassy areas, however, one must be on the lookout for unattended trash or boxes, and avoid parking near such areas.

In short, clear the area around the car and do not allow the rodents to create a shelter for themselves. Keep the area litter-free, hygienic, and non-cluttered. This will ensure that the rodents do not find a conducive habitat in and around your vehicle. Read more from Acko…

Drive your car or truck as often as possible


You might really want to stay indoors, but if you aren’t under a lockdown, meaning you can’t go out. Then this is a superb option for you. You should note that in driving or igniting your car you are not just chasing or keeping away the rodents. But you will also be helping your car last longer. It is advised not to leave your car off for a very long period of time.

You probably have any number of reasons for not driving your truck (e.g., it’s a gas guzzling machine, you don’t need to drive the truck every day, you have another vehicle you drive more often, etc.). Whatever your reasons for not driving the truck are going to be the causes of why mice and rats move into the engine block and begin chewing on wires and other non-metal components. Thankfully, this is a preventive method that is extremely effective and easy enough to do.

All you have to do is go out and drive the truck once a day. It doesn’t have to go far; the corner gas station or pharmacy is enough to keep rodents from deciding that your truck is the perfect place in which to build a nest. A vehicle that is loud, hot, noisy and in motion regularly deters mice and rats even better than a house cat. Read more from Automatic Trap…

Leave your hood open

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Before you think you are setting yourself up for theft, this one has some precautions. Do this only when you know your car is in a secure place. The goal you will be trying to achieve with this is making sure you remove the comfort rats have in dark secretive places. You want to allow enough light into your car so that these creatures have nowhere to hide.

This trick comes out of the wild Southwest, where people commonly leave the hoods of their cars open overnight. The consensus holds that most critters are looking for shelter, and a closed hood provides a roof from the elements and helps retain heat in the engine bay, both of which can attract raccoons or cats as well as rats. Popping your hood overnight after use allows engine heat to dissipate and makes the engine bay less attractive to a furry family. Read more from Hagerty…

If you’ve tried doing all these things and all you’re having is a rodent infestation, then it’s time to call in the gurus. The advantage you will have is that they are usually able to get to the root of the matter. So instead of just fighting those ten rats you’ve seen, they will get rid of all of them- that includes the fifty you don’t see.

In Maryland, you don’t have to look too hard to find a competent rodent control company. Backyard Bug patrol has experts who have professional training in rodent control. We will take care of those rodents for you. Call us today.

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