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U.S Mosquito May Transmit Zika

There are many types of mosquito out there. Different species are responsible for spreading a variety of mosquito borne diseases. Some are capable of spreading more than one life threatening virus too. A recent study has revealed that one of the common breeds found here in the U.S, the Culex  mosquito, may potentially transmit the Zika virus.

A Mosquito Common In U.S. May Transmit Zika, Study Finds

The findings, which have yet to be peer reviewed or confirmed outside of a lab, found that mosquitos from the family of mosquitos known as Culex may not only be infected with Zika, but could also reproduce the virus in their salivary glands — a key step for passing the virus to humans.

With reported cases of the Zika virus in the United States, it’s really important to make sure that preventative measures are taken to protect yourself against ALL mosquitoes.

There is still a lot of research to be carried out on this virus to determine the exact threat that we are up against. In the meantime, pregnant women are still being urged to avoid unnecessary travel to those areas at risk of Zika.

Pregnant women should avoid travel to Zika-affected areas, says … – TODAYonline
The World Health Organization (WHO) advised pregnant women early yesterday to avoid travel to areas where the Zika virus is spreading. Experts on the organization’s Zika emergency committee also recommended that pregnant women and their partners who have been in areas with Zika rely on abstinence or protected sex to prevent sexual transmission of the virus.

As sexual transmission appears to be more common than first presumed, it’s important that if in doubt you speak to a medical expert and gain as much helpful information as possible.