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Zika Virus: Pregnant Women Avoid Unnecessary Travel

A few weeks ago we reported to you on the Zika virus and how women in Brazil are being encouraged to delay pregnancy. A serious issue causing great concern for expectant mothers and those planning to start or continue their family in the near future. It was believed that no cases had yet been reported in the United States, however, it appears to be making it’s way towards our shores.

Zika: Coming To America Through Mosquitoes, Travel And Sex
The virus you likely never heard of is steadily marching north from Brazil. It’s Zika, spread by Aedes mosquitoes. It’s a flavivirus related to yellow fever, West Nile, Chikungunya, and dengue. Zika adds an added nasty punch of perhaps causing microcephaly, a birth defect where babies are born with abnormally small skulls and brains, and often have developmental abnormalities.

As the article states, preventing a mosquito bite is the first port of call. Take all the measures you need to protect your family, and sadly those family members that may be due to arrive in the not too distant future.

The first U.S case has now been reported in Hawaii and travel to many parts of Southern America and the Caribbean is being discouraged. As the video states they “don’t want to scare people, but there is need to educate them, to be able for themselves to make rational decisions.”

Zika virus prompts travel alert for expectant moms 
The virus garnered national attention after a newborn in Hawaii, born with microcephaly, had also been infected with the Zika virus. Additional studies still need to be done, but in the meantime, the CDC is warning pregnant women not to travel to South America and the Caribbean, where the Zika virus has been found.

Right now, the advice we would provide is to get yourself educated and make sure you have all the information before you travel to any of these destinations holding a potential Zika threat. If it’s not a necessity, don’t go! Be aware of the risk that you take.