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Mosquitoes: These Bugs Are Smart!

Did you know that female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite us? Did you know that each time they feast they lay anywhere up to 200 eggs? Did you know that they are in fact the planet’s “most efficient killers”? Here’s an article that explains a little more as to how this almost invisible bug has such a huge impact on our population.

How a tiny mosquito became one of the world’s ‘most efficient killers’

It’s one of the most relentless stalkers on Earth, using a tiny, needle-like probe to sip its victims’ blood. It dines almost exclusively on humans and never ventures far from where they live, laying eggs in bottle caps, used tires and flower pots. It fits easily onto a single fingernail and yet has tormented armies and obliterated the population of entire cities.

These bugs are smart, which is why this makes them so deadly.

Initially, these blood suckers were taking advantage of our vulnerability at night time. Now they’ve adapted their behaviour to enable them to feast on their pray during the daylight hours.

How Mosquitoes Are Out-Smarting Humans

If you live in an area with a lot of malaria-carrying mosquitoes, you probably sleep under a mosquito net. Since mosquitos are nocturnal, this simple technology keeps people safe from the bugs snacking on them in the night. But not any longer. Mosquitoes have figured us out and have started biting during the daytime.

With the topic of Zika virus highly documented in the current news broadcasts, there has never been a better time to review your mosquito control. Make sure your family are protected from these deadly creatures in your own home and help spread awareness that these bugs are here to stay.