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Roaches: Ready Or Not, Here They Come!

One of the unique features in Columbia, MD is the man-made lake that lies on 27 acres of land. Lake Kittamaqundi is breathtakingly beautiful and for that reason, many of the seasonal events in Columbia are hosted there. If you’re planning to visit Columbia soon, you may want to look out for the December events and catch a glimpse of the amazing lake.

On the other hand, if you reside in Columbia, MD, it’s time to be a tad more cautious about your environment. As the temperatures continue to drop, you may be surprised to discover that you have a few uninvited guests. To be specific, roaches. Yuck! Yes, there’s likely no one who can stand the presence of roaches in their home. But believe it or not, you may see more of the bugs in winter. Here’s why.

Roach Behavior in Winter

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Apparently, roaches have been on earth for millions of years! You don’t believe it? Or are you fascinated by that fact? Well, you may want to dig into that a bit more at your own fun fact-finding time. But here’s the deal, roaches are quite smart and they are survivors. Whether you believe it or not, they have the ability to beat the dreadful winter temps and escape without frostbites. Here’s how…

Cockroaches are some of the most hearty, adaptable, hard-to-kill creatures on the planet. That said, they are sensitive to changes in temperature. While they do not die off in winter, they do seek shelter.

According to, the American Cockroach will “mass migrate into homes” during the colder months. They prefer to live in warm environments with plenty of food and moisture. When the weather is nice, they tend to stay outdoors, but when it turns chilly, they seek shelter. Houses, grocery stores, commercial buildings, and even hospitals see an increase in cockroach infestations in the winter.

Roaches like to be near water and food sources and are most likely to settle in or near kitchens and bathrooms, which provide both to them. According to This Old House, these bugs are not only creepy but can “damage furniture and packaged goods, and they can spread allergens and trigger asthmatic reactions.” Read more at Twin Forks Pest Control

The Common Roach Species in the US

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Now that you know cockroach families have been around for ages, and are likely going to be around for longer, get to know what to expect. Not all roaches are the same. There are different species from all over the world. But it would be great if you have an idea of the kinds of roaches that are likely to enter your home.

American Cockroach: The American cockroach usually lives outdoors but will come inside during the winter months. These roaches like water and are often found hiding out in bathrooms and laundry rooms. If they overwinter outside they can be found in decaying trees and woodpiles.

German Cockroach: The German cockroach is found throughout the United States. They commonly invade homes and can be difficult to eliminate once an infestation is established. They reproduce quickly, exploding their populations in your house. German roaches can survive winter as long as they find a humid environment and a food source (such as in your kitchen or under your appliances).

Oriental Cockroach: The Oriental cockroach is an indoor species but they will venture outside in search of food. These roaches must have water to survive and can often be found in basements, crawlspaces, and floor drains. If they overwinter outdoors they will hide out in rock walls or other areas that offer shelter and warmth. Oriental roaches only reproduce in the winter so their survival through the colder months is critical. They can tolerate lower temperatures than most other species.

Brown-Banded Cockroach: The brown-banded cockroach is found throughout the United States but is not as common as their German counterparts. These roaches are attracted to heat and can be found in near appliances, heaters, or anything else with an electric motor. They are often found in kitchens and prefer to hide out in high cabinets. Read more at Call Northwest

Roach Prevention Tips

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So there are different cockroaches and they seem to be from different parts of the world. But what can you do about these hard-core winter survivors? Here’s what you can consider as a DIY project.

Locate Entry Points
The first step in preventing roaches is finding out where they came from in the first place. If you notice them in one room, such as the kitchen or the living room, it’s likely that’s where they made their way inside. Check the doors and windows for openings or gaps and utilize weatherstripping to seal them out. Likewise, if you notice any holes in the exterior, seal them with flexible caulk. Before bringing any items inside your home, such as groceries or packages, inspect them beforehand.

Clean Up
Roaches love clutter and undisturbed areas to hide all day and search for food at night. Look to clean out piles of old newspapers, magazines, and cardboard boxes, as these pests like to feed on items that contain glue. Kitchens can provide roaches with plenty of food sources, making it essential to store them and clean your kitchen properly. Look to store food items such as bread, fruit, and vegetables in airtight containers. Likewise, look to clean up any crumbs or spills on your countertops, dining table, microwave, and stove. Instead of leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight, look to wash and put them away after a meal.

Eliminate Water
Roaches need water to survive, making it essential to eliminate any standing water that will attract them inside. Inspect your homes for water sources, such as plants, drip plates underneath your refrigerator, and condensation around pipes. If you notice leaky pipes, repair them immediately, place stoppers over drains, and cover faucet spouts with screens. Read more at McCallService 

Ideally, it is best to take no chances with roaches. They can pose several threats to your wellbeing and your home’s structure. You’ll do well to take serious action. Consider engaging the professionals in pest control. Backyard Bug Patrol’s organic pest control plan is both effective and eco-friendly. You don’t need to worry about roaches this December. Call us today for the best deal in town.