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Essential Tips on Roach Smell And How To Deal With It

There are a variety of ways to find out if you have a pest infestation of any kind within your home. For roaches, you will see them scampering around. Also, in some cases, they could be flying especially at night when you switch on the lights. You will also see black droppings behind your seats and in other hidden places in your home.

Additionally, you can also know that roaches are around by how they smell. This post will explore more about roaches, the smell they produce, and what you can do about it:

Do roaches smell?

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One unique identifier for roaches is their smell. If you go to a room that has a roach infestation you can clearly tell there is a different smell hanging in the air. The smell is somewhat oily and musty. But some people consider it to be a sweet smell. Crazy right?

If you think you smell a roach, you may not be imagining things. There is, in fact, a specific cockroach smell, and it’s a bad one. Roaches make their trademark odor by releasing chemicals that call to other roaches but cause an unpleasant atmosphere for humans. Adding to the nastiness is this fact: The odor can hang around in dead skin and droppings, helping contribute to a foul-smelling home or apartment.

That goes for the smell that roaches give off when they’re alive, but they also emit odors when they die. One smell they give off is meant as a warning to other roaches. Essentially, when still-living roaches smell it, they know that the area contains a dead roach and is therefore potentially dangerous.

Roaches’ so-called death stench is created by fatty acids that are tough for the human nose to detect. Read more from Cleggs…

Why do roaches smell?

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The source of roaches’ smell is a combination of their dead body odor and chemicals they secrete when alive. You’ll be surprised to know that the roach smell is intentionally released by roaches in their quest to mate and to signal other roaches to come to where they are. They also secrete droppings that have a unique scent.

Like many other species of the insect kingdom, cockroaches communicate using scents. Using a blend of scents known as cuticular hydrocarbons, which doubles as a waterproof coating, cockroaches send signals to each other with this pheromone when they find a suitable nesting site. It’s like text messaging for cockroaches, only much stinkier.

While the presence of a single cockroach emitting cuticular hydrocarbons is undetectable to humans, the scent becomes pungent once they’ve congregated to build a nest.

The Oriental cockroach is said to be the stinkiest offender. But there are exceptions to all rules, and the German cockroach is one of them. Even a single German cockroach is capable of offending the human nose. German cockroaches are also a common trigger for allergies and asthma This makes them one of the worst pests found in our homes.

Another stinky source of roach odor comes from their feces, which attracts mold. Cockroaches are drawn to dark, damp spaces. Read more from Gopests…

What do you do when your house smells of roaches?

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When roaches are few in a home, you won’t notice the smell. But if the smell becomes obvious, you should know that you likely have an infestation. The big question now should be how you are going to keep away the roaches. Well, there are a variety of DIY methods you can try but the safest of all is using a professional bug and pest control company.

Since the smell gets worse as the amount of bugs increases, you should call a pest control expert as soon as you suspect roaches. “If you think you have spotted a roach infestation in your home, call local exterminators to discuss your cockroach control options. You have to take action as soon as possible to avoid health problems,” Foster says. He warns that if you choose to take pest control into your own hands, it’s unlikely to be as effective. “If you decide to deal with the infestation yourself, bear in mind it could take longer and often be inefficient,” Foster adds. “You could try cockroach baits and traps, sprays and repellents, baking soda, borax, or essential oils.” Read more from Best Life Online…

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