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Rodents In The Fall: What You Must Know And Do For Your Environment

Rodents, specifically the ones that fall in the category of pests, can be a pain in the neck. Their nibbling habits can easily wreak havoc in your home. They’ll not only chew away at your dry foodstuff but also your wiring, roofing material, and ceiling material. In fact, mice and rats can chew away at anything they come across. So, no, they’re not just into eating cheese.

As the temps decrease, you may be tempted to imagine that rodents take a break like the rest of nature in hibernation. But the bad news is, you still need to keep an eye out for these animals. This post will get you started in arming yourself with the info you need for rodent control this Fall.

Know That They Thrive In The Fall

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Not only are they active, but rodents thrive in the Fall temperatures. They probably enjoy the lower temperatures like you do. By thriving, you can be sure they are likely to multiply quickly. So, you shouldn’t wait to make a move. Here are some things you can do immediately.

Limit Outdoor Plants and Mulch — Plants make excellent hiding places for pests, many of which eat wood or leaf mulch. So curtail their supply by cutting plants back and using rocks and gravel for mulch…

Rinse and Dispose of Trash — It’s best to rinse food wrappers, cans, etc., before tossing them in your kitchen garbage. Otherwise, they’ll attract pests, especially in warmer months. And, if possible, consider composting any food scraps. What goes to the curb should be minimized, bagged, and put in covered collection bins.

Keep Drains Clear — Living creatures need water to survive. So if they’re in your home, they’ll head for the kitchen drain, where they’ll find water and bits of food. Since you’d rather they look elsewhere, we recommend flushing your kitchen drain/disposal daily. Read more at Noosa Pest

Preserve Your Dry Foodstuff

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You should know that the primary reason rodents find their way into your home is to get food. They can get shelter and water elsewhere. But your home is like a food bank to them. With that in mind, here’s what you must do to keep your foodbank safe.

Dry food is particularly susceptible to infestation, so it’s important to know how to store it properly to prevent common house pests from getting into your food.

Here are a few of our best tips for how you should prevent a pest infestation by storing dry foods:

Tip #1 – Store all dry foods in airtight containers made of glass, metal, or plastic. This not only protects them from being touched by pests, but also traps the attractive odors inside, so pests have no reason to investigate your pantries.
Tip #2 – Avoid storing dry foods in cardboard boxes or paper bags, which can be easily chewed through by rodents.
Tip #3 – Inspect all containers before bringing them into your home to make sure they’re not already infested. On this same note, check any new houseplants you introduce into your home to make sure they aren’t carrying any unwanted guests.
Tip #4 – Keep your pantry clean and free of crumbs or spills. Read more at Purcor Pest

Seal All Openings

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After you take care of the food bank, turn your attention to all possible entryways into your home. Make sure there are no loopholes. The tiniest space is enough for a mouse to squeeze through. So don’t imagine that crack or crevice is too small. Seal it immediately.

Call it the season of rats or prime time for rats, autumn is the best season for them. Not only are rats creepy, but they’re also sneaky, dirty, and carry diseases to your home…No matter the season, they’re forever ready to sneak into your house for shelter, eat and breed on your property. Autumn turns out to be the prime time for rats as the temperatures drop a bit & leave fall & a lot of debris and hideouts. They look for a warm, dry and comfortable place. If you’re looking to protect your house from rats this autumn, here’s what you should do.

Seal Windows & Doors

Mice & rats are well-known to squeeze their body to enter into your body. As the temperatures are likely to drop a little, pests look for an opportunity to enter your home. So look for cracks or any other damage in the frame and window panes, cover them & install door meshes to prevent entry.
Use Mesh Screens To Cover Vents

Whether it’s an air conditioning system or any water-using electrical appliance, it needs to have a proper ventilation system. When the ventilation area is covered with mesh screens, the sneaky critters can’t enter inside the home. Read more at Envirosafe Pest Control

At Backyard Bug Patrol, we take our mandate to ensure you have a rodent-proof home very seriously. Our Perimeter Rodent Control keeps your home safe from rodents through effective bait stations. We have been treating both residential and commercial properties in rodent control and removal too. You can count on us to do an amazing job. Get in touch with us today!