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Tag Archives: rodents

What’s The Difference Between Mice and Rats?

Of all the rodents in the world, the most famous should be rats since they are found all over the world. If there was an award ceremony, the rats that would take the day are the brown rats and the […]

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What To Note About Rodents In The Winter

To get through the cold weather of winter, rodents need a place that is warm and cool for their survival. From their perspective, getting into your home is not about disturbing you, it is a game of making sure they […]

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Did You Know You Can Use Dogs To Keep Rats Away?

If you’ve watched Tom and Jerry you know the classic story of the cats chasing the mouse. That the typical opposite of the cat is the common rodent- the rat, goes without saying. But what if homeowners could actually use […]

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Say Cheese? Here’s What Rodents Actually Love To Eat

If you have had a rodent infestation in your home, you know how disastrous it can be. The signs that indicate an infestation include things like missing food or bite marks in your favorite snacks. You may also come across […]

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The Rodents That Dig Holes In Your Yard

There are over 4600 species of rodents in the world with the most famous being mice and rats due to their frequent home invasions. You pretty much know a lot about them and how much they can be a pain […]

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Three Signs That Show Your Yard Urgently Needs Rodent Control

Rodents are creatures that will live and thrive anywhere on the planet! That includes sewer lines as well as any majestic castle. And in this case, they can be just under your nose, but lurking out there. So, if you’re […]

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You May Mistake These Animals For Rodents But They Are Not

People have diverse attitudes towards rodents. Some consider them to be a nuisance. But others think of them as an excellent addition to the family.  For the latter, they are thought to be glorious pets such as Hamsters.
But you are […]

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Three Practical and Everyday Benefits of Keeping a Pet (Includes Pest Control)

In a season when many people are locked down or working from home, what keeps your heart warm and lights up your mood? This is a perfect question for those who are just alone and COVID news makes it all […]

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What To Do If Rodents Are Scurrying Through Your Walls

Your home used to be a little heaven for you but all you hear these days are unending noises coming from the walls. You suspect rats are making the noises and you just don’t know what to do. Well this […]

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