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Say Cheese? Here’s What Rodents Actually Love To Eat

If you have had a rodent infestation in your home, you know how disastrous it can be. The signs that indicate an infestation include things like missing food or bite marks in your favorite snacks. You may also come across rodent droppings. But then, it may later progress to more serious issues over time. It is not uncommon to find rodents have chewed on your electrical wires including the ones in your car.

In this article, you will find answers to common feeding habits by these creatures, especially mice and rats. You will see how mice love seeds and grains, what street mice feed on, and a confirmation of whether mice really love cheese. Enjoy!

Rodents love seeds and grain

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Mice are omnivores but they are generally drawn to grains and seeds or foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Since rodents don’t plant their own seed and grain, this diet plan comes at the expense of farmers and homeowners. So if you have seed and grain in storage, take a good look at it. Check whether it is being fed on by rodents for your own safety.

Most rodent species love to eat seeds and grains.  Squirrels are especially fond of this food source.  This is exactly why they can be such a pest around bird feeders.  Rats and mice also love seeds and grains.  These animals will eat just about any type of seeds and grains.  If you are feeding pet rodents then you can buy seed mixes that include foods like flax seeds, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, egg noodles, rice, oats and many other ingredients. Read more from Feeding Nature…

What do street mice feed on?

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Street mice are at the mercy of the food pieces that are found anywhere in the city, especially out in the open. This includes food items dropped by accident and those readily available in dumpsters. However, in the event of great hunger, mice have been known to feast on each other. That is so creepy, right? But that is their nature.

Street mice mainly eat the food they find in household garbage, on the edges of streets and alleys. In fact, street mice will eat all the food and scraps they get their paws on.

Dumpsters and garbage cans are a real feast for city mice. When they find them, street mice will eat fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and grains.

In addition to these foods, city mice will eat cooked meat, such as ham, poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.), fish (tuna, salmon, etc.) and eggs. Although city mice are not fond of protein, because they need very little, they often have to make do with the food they find. City mice will therefore rarely eat raw meat. They only cooked meat, except in case of famine.

In case of famine, street mice will even eat other mice. Yes, the street mouse can have a cannibal diet in extreme situations. Read more from Elite Extermination…

Do rats love cheese that much?

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It is common in cartoons and movies to see rats and mice being trapped with cheese. But in the real world, do rodents love cheese that much? Actually, no. Rodents as you read above love food that is loaded with carbs, and unfortunately, this is not the case with cheese.

If you watched cartoons when you were a kid, you might think that mice like to eat cheese. The fact is, this isn’t true. When it comes to cheese, a mouse in your house might take a pass.

Mice prefer any type of food loaded with carbs. They have tiny bodies and need to move very fast, so they need things that can be broken down fast to use for energy. For example, a mouse would probably prefer peanut butter over cheese. Mice are fond of fruits and other sweets, so they may decide to bite on sweet things like chocolate. No matter what type of food is in front of them, mice are pretty opportunistic and will take a chance on just about anything. Read more from Ehrlich…

All this knowledge is to help you know what can attract rodents into your home. So keep watch of those carbs and keep your garbage out of reach. And if you are having an infestation, it’s about time you let the professionals come to help you. At Backyard Bug Patrol we have mastered the art of rodent control in Maryland. Call us Now!