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Silverfish: They Are Definitely Not A Sign of Wealth

Silverfish- the name should not deceive you. No, they are not carriers of one of the most valuable metals on earth.  Neither do they live in water. Silverfish are a type of insect that basically spells doom if they are present in your home. They will soon devour your books, clothes, and even dry foodstuff. So, to be on the safe side, you’d rather keep them at bay. If they are already in your home, you need to act quickly before you’re faced with an infestation. This post will help you identify silverfish, know when to look out for them, and how to get rid of these bugs from your Berryville, VA home.

How They Look

The worst thing you want to end up doing is shooting in the dark. So, when it comes to silverfish, you need to know how to identify it positively. That way, you’ll know what next depending on the presence or absence of the bug.

A silverfish has an elongated and fairly flat body that tapers at the end. It has a segmented surface and is covered with shiny, silvery-grey scales. There are two long antennae at the tip of its head and three long bristles at the end of its body. The bristles are responsible for the alternate name “bristletail”, which is used for both the silverfish and its relatives.

Like other insects, a silverfish has three pairs of legs. Adults are a quarter inch to half an inch long. As silverfish wriggle and move rapidly along the ground, it’s sometimes hard to see their thin, light-colored legs and appendages. This creates the illusion of little silver fish swimming on land and makes their common name very appropriate. The insects tend to move for a short interval, pause, and then move again. Read more at Dengarden

When They Are Common

winter tick

It’s curious that different types of bugs thrive at different times of the year. Just like some animals hibernate during winter, silverfish are common during cold weather. So, as the temps drop and we inch toward the end of the year, it’s high time to be on the lookout for silverfish.

Silverfish are most common during the winter because they like damp, cold places. You’ll probably find them in a basement or a rarely-used bathroom. A female silverfish that’s not kept in check could lay thousands of eggs, causing an infestation. Read more at My Move

How To Get Rid of Them

Indoor Pest Control

If you get to know what attracts silverfish to your home, you’ll be on your way to discovering how to keep them away. First of all, if you starve them, you can be sure they won’t stick around. Then you can eliminate any other condition that makes silverfish super comfortable in your home. Here are the details on how to eliminate silverfish.

Getting rid of silverfish is not easy. However, it is possible…

Firstly, take away their nourishment. Seal and store food in airtight containers. Especially dry goods. For example rice, pasta, flour, and cereal. And even pet food…

Never leave old magazines, newspapers or books lying around. This is an open invitation for a silverfish infestation. As silverfish love eating these materials. Declutter every room in your home…

Silverfish love moist and humid environments – so take that away as well. There are a few options for this. Firstly, use a dehumidifier. ..Secondly, keep all rooms well ventilated. Thirdly, remember to check for issues like faulty plumbing… Read more at Ultimate Pest Control

With these initial steps, you’ll be on your way to a silverfish-free home. Even so, if you realize that you are experiencing an infestation, then you can as well call in the experts. That’s because they lay 60 eggs every day. You really don’t want to have to deal with a full-blown silverfish infestation in your home.

Do you need expert help in eliminating silverfish in your home? You’re in good hands if you choose to work with Backyard Bug Patrol. We hate bugs, and we are passionate about ensuring your home is bug-free. Our environment-friendly products for pest control offer you amazing results while preserving your surroundings. Call us today for all your inquiries.


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