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Tag Archives: silverfish

3 Important Facts You Need to Know about Silverfish

Silverfish are some creepy-looking bugs that are often mistaken for centipedes. One of the things you’ll hear out there is that they have been in existence for over 400 million years. They are tiny, they have antennae at the front […]

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Your Silverfish Questions Answered

In March 2021, Daily Echo, a UK newspaper ran a story of Silverfish infestation in homes in Southampton. It painted a scary picture of tenants getting holes in their clothes and curtains. One resident shared how he raised his sofa […]

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How To Get Rid of Silverfish In Your Home

If you’ve never heard of silverfish, you might assume that it’s a creature found in rivers and oceans. If so, then you’d be quite wrong. Yes, it likes moist places, but it does not live in water. Actually, it might […]

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What Attracts Silverfish To Your Home?

Silverfish are an annoying bunch of wingless insects that you do not want around your home. They are destructive to your books, walls, and clothes. Furthermore, they are proven to have the ability to withstand the most common insecticides. So […]

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Has Your Suitland, MD Home Become A Habitat For Silverfish?

No, they are not a type of fish. However, silverfish have a shiny silver outer coat, but the ‘fish’ in its name is because of its movement and shape, which resemble the fish. Many people have seen this creature but […]

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Silverfish in Cooksville, MD – Some Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Some scientists describe silverfish as a primitive insect. This is because they have existed for millions of years. You’d wish they could speak, so maybe we would have historical accounts of how their ancestors experienced the world. While they can’t […]

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Why Silverfish Keep Invading Your Dunn Loring, VA Home and How To Stop ‘Em

You probably don’t fancy the idea of having any bugs in or around your home. The ones you know about are bad enough. You want nothing to do with them, right?  The worst part is that there are several other […]

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Silverfish Solutions And Silver Screen Stunners In Churchton, MD

If you enjoyed the independent film, Yosemite, starring James Franco, or if you were constantly second-guessing what was going on during Body of Lies featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, there’s another name that played a contributing role in both […]

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Homeowners In Garrett Park, MD Can Now Say “Sayonara Silverfish!”

Garrett Park, MD has led the way in being the first nuclear-weapons-free zone in the U.S. We at Backyard Bug Patrol would like to continue in the same vein and help your home become a silverfish-free zone. These scary looking […]

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