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Dealing With Mosquitoes In Herndon This Summer

Did you know that Herndon, VA is a tech hub in every sense of the word? Many famous technology centers call Herndon home. Some of them include Amazon and Boeing. For that reason, the town boasts of a higher than usual median income per household. But the most interesting thing is this- tech or no tech, nature still thrives here. And as you continue to enjoy the summer, you want to ensure that your cookouts are not overtaken by the annoying bugs in your yard- mosquitoes. The following tips will help you take control of your summer evenings for a mosquito-free experience.

Natural Repellants

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Let’s begin with the proactive steps you can take to deal with mosquitoes. You can very easily plant some plants and shrubs in your yard to keep mosquitoes away. Not only will these plants add life and zest to your garden, but they can also help you have a bug-free summertime experience.

If you’re looking for a chemical-free approach to repelling mosquitos, potted plants and a few additions to your garden can go a long way. The essential oils inside some plants repel mosquitos, and those oils are released when the leaves are crushed, burned or rubbed directly onto skin. Add some greenery to your patio with these plants thought to keep mosquitos at bay with their scents and oils:

Citronella grass
Lemon balm
Scented geraniums Read more at CNET

Water bodies

Mosquito Control

Another proactive strategy you can take is to properly deal with any standing water in your yard. Doing this will literally eliminate the source of your problems- mosquito larvae. If you deal with this well, then the mosquito population will be under control.

Stock water gardens with fish and chlorinate swimming pools

When water is part of your landscaping or used for recreation, you don’t want to drain it. But that doesn’t mean you have to surrender it to mosquitoes. Buy a few goldfish or minnows from a pet store or bait store and add them to your water garden. They may only live for one season, but they’ll eat mosquito larvae.

Chlorinate water that remains standing for a long period, like water in swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the safe use of chlorine. Keep pools covered when not in use. For small fountains, birdbaths and wading pools that you don’t want to chlorinate, simply change the water once a week to dispose of mosquito larvae. Sweep surfaces with a brush to knock off eggs before refilling the container. Read more at Family Handyman

Your skin

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Your final line of defense against mosquitoes is dealing with them on your skin. When everything else fails, and a mosquito finds its way to where you are, you’re still not helpless. Mosquito repellent will do wonders for you.

Use mosquito repellent :

Mosquito repellent is the best way to keep mosquitoes away and stay out of the reach of mosquitoes. Apply a good quality and natural mosquito repellent cream like Odomos. It provides 99.9% protection against mosquito bites, has no side effect on your skin and makes its effect stay on you for more than 8 hours. Because it contains natural ingredients; it is safe for children, gets easily absorbed by skin and smells great too. It is easy to carry in your travel kit as it is available in the form of spray, gel, cream, roll on, wrist band and patches.

Apply repellents during outside activity at peak mosquito hours :

It’s not easy to avoid mosquitoes during the day, which is when mosquitoes are most active or stop kids from stepping out to play. During summer time, these creatures are everywhere you go but you need to understand when different types of mosquitoes are active according to your geographical region. Like Dengue mosquitoes are active during the day time. While stepping outinthe day, wear mosquito repellent patches or mosquito repellent wristband like Odomos and make it a habit. Applying a good quality mosquito repellent is one of the most effective ways to stay protected from these mosquitoes even when you are out of the house. Read more at Odomos Protect

All in all, with mosquitoes, you are better off putting all necessary measures in place to ensure your family is safe all throughout the summer break. That’s why calling in the professionals gives you that extra assurance and peace of mind that your concerns are taken care of. At Backyard Bug Patrol, we endeavor to see you peaceful and happy to enjoy your backyard this summer. Call us today, we will be glad to serve you right here in Herndon, VA!