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Stop Roaches From Making Their Home In Your Burke, VA Home

At some point, you’ve probably spotted a roach scuttling away when you flick on your kitchen light. Roaches are some of the most annoying bugs that residents of Burke, VA in Fairfax County encounter in their homes. So it’s no surprise that it’s now a common Valentine’s practice to name a cockroach after your ex:

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has a similar promotion for $5 as part of its “Endless Love” campaign. And if you happen to be in the Texas city, you can actually go see the hissing cockroaches running around in a giant dollhouse contained within plexiglass.

The El Paso Zoo also teased on Facebook that they would be bringing back their spin on the idea. Last year, the zoo let people name cockroaches after their exes and then livestreamed their meerkats devouring the roaches on Valentine’s Day. Read more at WTKR…

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Their association with dirt will make your skin crawl when you think about where they might have come from and what they brought with them. Not to mention the fact that they could be actively contaminating your home with every move they make.

Considering how clean you keep your kitchen, a cockroach infestation may have been the last thing on your mind. But these pests can hide in pretty much any tight space that exists in your home. And that includes spaces within your appliances:

Cockroaches typically like to invade homes and forage for food, but they also like to find warm, dark and secluded areas where they can stay nice and toasty while laying their eggs. Electronics provide the perfect environment for them to gather around.

Whether it’s a hefty power supply plugged into an outlet, a game console, an internet router, or even refrigerator motors, the electronic device or appliance can become infested with roaches, feces, and eggs. Read more at Solutions Stores…

But you just saw one cockroach, so no need to overreact, right? Wrong! One of the worst traits of these bugs is their ability to reproduce quickly. It’s probably how they adapt to the high number of casualties in their populations.

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And that’s not good news for any homeowner, because it means that if you see one, there are probably many more hidden nearby. It also means that you might find yourself dealing with a serious infestation very soon if you don’t take the proper action quickly enough.

Out of over 4,000 cockroach species in the world, most Americans encounter only one or two types: German cockroaches and American cockroaches.

Since cockroaches can taint your food and countertops with illness-causing E. coli and salmonella, don’t take an infestation lightly. If you’re struggling to eradicate roaches or identify where they’re coming from, you may need to bring in pest control professionals to pinpoint the source of the issue. Read more at Good Housekeeping…

There are lots of DIY cockroach solutions you could try, and they might help if all you are dealing with is a few roaches. However, if it’s a recurring issue or these measures have failed, then you need professional help.

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Cockroaches are extremely resilient, with each new generation displaying a higher level of resistance. That’s why Backyard Bug Patrol provides cockroach control solutions that go beyond merely killing off live roaches. We eliminate their offspring too. Call us today.