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Where Do Roaches Hide During The Day?

Of the 4500 species of roaches in the world, at least 30 species are known to be excellent home invaders. The weird thing with roaches is that you will rarely know they are in your home unless you switch on your lights at night and you see them running around. But when there is a full-scale invasion, you will see the bold ones moving around during the day.

You should be scared of roaches as they are known to feed on human flesh- both the living and the dead. The most commonly bitten parts of the human body are the eyelashes, feet, hands, and around fingernails. Here are some extra facts about roaches and their hiding places:

Why do roaches come out at night?

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Most living creatures tend to have a circadian rhythm that they follow in the 24 hours that make up a day. A circadian rhythm is a set of behavior patterns that a being tends to follow especially in key behaviors like sleep. Now for roaches, their rhythm dictates that they sleep during the day and stay alert at night.

Roaches are nocturnal insects that are typically at rest when you are awake. If and when they’re out during the day, they avoid sunlight and prefer to stay hidden in the dark, damp areas of your home. When alert overnight, cockroaches will begin their endless hunt for food. They will eat just about everything and can navigate your dark kitchen to seek out any crumbs they can find. Research has shown that nighttime cockroach activity happens primarily during the hours just before midnight. Read more from Batzner…

But where are these roaches hiding during the day?

Near water sources

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Roaches love humid and warm spaces. Dry spaces tend to make their bodies dry out fast thus making humid spaces a perfect home for them. Now, in a home, most spaces tend to be dry apart from sinks, showers, and toilets. If you want to know if roaches are present, check for small dark spots that look like dirt. These are roach droppings.

These sources of water give cockroaches the high humidity levels that they enjoy. Plus, the drains and pipes around these areas may act like a cockroach subway and can give the pests a quick and hidden way to get into your home.

Seal any gaps around your pipes or drains with caulking. And clean your toilets, sinks and bathtubs once a week. Keeping your bathrooms sparkling is about more than just aesthetics. You might think that the hair, soap residue and dead skin leftover from your most recent shower is unappetizing, but cockroaches don’t.

Cockroaches like to hide in the back of bathroom drawers and other storage areas.

Just like with your kitchen cabinets, clean your bathroom cabinets and storage regularly. Also remember to run your bathroom fan anytime you’re using the restroom — it helps keep the air in and around your bathroom dry and less hospitable to roaches. Read more from Terminix…

In your kitchen

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Apart from loving warmth and humidity, roaches love food. You read that right. Roaches love food and if you tend to leave your kitchen with food particles all over, you should stop right away. Before going to the extremes of human skin, they will first thrive in your kitchen. So make sure your kitchen is spotless and clean always.

If you’re planning on eradicating these insects, always start with your kitchen. This place is a haven for roaches. It has ample water sources. It’s filled with food and leftovers. It’s warm. And it has a lot of hiding spots.

Check your stove. Look for roach droppings and egg casings at the back. Look out for their unique smell, too. Clean out the things inside your pantry and your cabinets. Inspect your refrigerator and your trash. Roaches love to frequent these places because there’s always food inside them.

Also, you should look for roaches under the sink. Leaking pipes can provide these insects enough water to thrive. Set up traps and baits, and you’re bound to catch a lot of them there. Read more from Gopests…

Mentioned above are just identifiers and measures you can take to protect yourself. But what about those who are already having an invasion in Maryland? You should call Backyard Bug Patrol. We are experts in pest control and with our help, your home will instantly be pest-free. Call us today!

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