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Answers To Your Most Common Questions About Flea Bites

Fleas are small insects that can’t fly. They live on blood and once outside their puparia they only have seven days to get blood or they won’t survive. Their craving for blood makes them seek pets like cats and dogs […]

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Flea-Spread Diseases: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There’s a quote that says “He who loves the rose must put up with thorns too”. It speaks of the unpleasant nature of thorns that accompany the beautiful roses. The same is true for pets. As much as you love […]

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Little-Known Facts About Fleas In Riverdale, MD

Fleas have been branded mysterious insects. They are very tiny but are also horrifying blood-suckers that never quite get satisfied. To make it worse, they only feed on blood. In essence, if a flea is not sucking your pet’s blood, […]

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Dealing With Cat Fleas and Covid-19 In Curtis Bay, MD?

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, most people in Curtis Bay and other Anne Arundel County residents are stuck indoors. With activities going as slow as they are, you’re more likely to notice uninvited visitors to your home a lot faster […]

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