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Little-Known Facts About Fleas In Riverdale, MD

Fleas have been branded mysterious insects. They are very tiny but are also horrifying blood-suckers that never quite get satisfied. To make it worse, they only feed on blood. In essence, if a flea is not sucking your pet’s blood, it’s probably because it moved on to you as its next target. The worst part is that they are disease carriers and are responsible for the transmission of diseases like murine typhus, among others. This is why you cannot afford to keep thinking of them as just an irritation. Fleas can affect a lot more than your comfort.

Their Origin

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Ever wondered where these blood-suckers come from? Where do they live and how do they end up on your cat or dog, or eventually within your home?

Fleas originate from another infested animal. They easily spread between different animals and then make their way into your home when the pets come in for a visit or to sleep. Outside, fleas can typically be found in shady areas, near long grass or bushes, while they wait for a host to pass by. Because they can live without a blood meal from a host for as long as three months, they remain a threat even when not on your pet. Read more at Mosquito Joe…

It turns out that fleas can fast for a long time. This gives them the incredible ability to wait until a suitable host is nearby. You really don’t want your pet or family member to become this destructive pest’s host.

Their Life Cycle

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Fleas are not just blood-sucking bugs; they are also very persistent. Getting rid of them demands a holistic plan that captures them at whatever stage they are in their life cycle.

Eggs. Adult fleas lay eggs on pets and they fall into the home environment as pets move around the home. Flea eggs are very small and white. A single female flea can lay up to 50 eggs in just one day. Eggs are light and fall off the pet, so they are quickly and easily distributed throughout the home.

Larvae. After 2-10 days, the eggs become larvae that feed on feces from adult fleas as well as dead flea larvae. Larvae move away from light and burrow deep into carpets, upholstery, cracks in hardwood floors and even under baseboards. This stage lasts about 5-11 days.

Pupae. The larvae create a pupa or cocoon. Inside the pupa, the larvae take 1-3 weeks to mature into an adult. The fully formed flea will then remain in the pupa until a food source (pet) is detected nearby. They can wait in that state for up to 6 months and only hatch when triggered by heat and vibrations that indicate that a host is near. Read more at My Pet and I…

Eventually, the adult flea will hatch from the cocoon at the right time. It will immediately pounce on its host and feed on it mercilessly.

Their Deadly Anatomy

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Ever wondered why these bugs are so dangerous and how they succeed at sucking their host’s blood? They have oral features that make their blood-sucking life so easy. Moreover, the rest of the body is adapted to its life.

Fleas use their sharp maxillary laciniae to easily puncture the skin of their host. Then blood travels from their host through the tip of the median epipharynx up the flea’s food canal. This requires a lot of suction, which comes from pumps in the flea’s mouth and gut.

A flea’s legs are adapted for jumping. As with all insects, a flea has three pairs of legs that attach to its thorax. The back legs are very long, and the flea can bend them at several joints. The process of jumping mimics the action of a crossbow. The flea bends its leg, and a pad of elastic protein called resilin stores energy just like a bowstring.

A tendon holds the bent leg in place. When the flea releases this tendon, the leg straightens almost instantly, and the flea accelerates like an arrow from a crossbow…Read more at How Stuff Works…

It is certain that with such anatomy, the flea will succeed in its plans. That’s why you need to outsmart it by getting a comprehensive flea control strategy.

At Backyard Bug Patrol, we take no chances with fleas. We will ensure your indoor area is pest-free using our organic solution. You can bank on us for excellent services, and your family and pets will be free from fleas. Call us today!