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Dealing With Cat Fleas and Covid-19 In Curtis Bay, MD?

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, most people in Curtis Bay and other Anne Arundel County residents are stuck indoors. With activities going as slow as they are, you’re more likely to notice uninvited visitors to your home a lot faster than you normally would. Like cat fleas…

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There are many species of fleas that exist, and cat fleas are the most common type found on cats. But just because they are cat fleas doesn’t mean they limit themselves to cats. They will also infect and bit other animals and humans. Bear in mind that as the weather grows warmer, fleas are more likely to become a problem in our homes.

The amount of time you must devote to fighting fleas has much to do with the climate where you live. In areas that experience freezing temperatures, fleas will either be killed by the cold or will lie dormant until warm weather returns. But the harsh winters of the northeast and northwest only provide a temporary respite from these pests, and those in warmer climates might find themselves battling fleas all year long.

“During the warmer months, from April to October, fleas are always found outside on wild animals and are hence found on the brush and bushes in the area,” says Dr. Denish. “When your pet comes in contact with the flea, the flea looks to your pet as a safe place for a meal.  Additionally, fleas can be on your clothing and come into your house that way.” Read more at Pet MD…

Has your feline favorite been scratching her head and ears a lot, to the point of chewing or biting herself? Have you noticed her licking her underside, especially between the hind legs? Has all the scratching led to noticeable fur loss or redness in these areas? Then your cat may have become a flea host.

flea control

And unfortunately, that could mean serious health problems for your cat:

Cat Illnesses due to Fleas

  1. Anemia – Fleas are blood-sucking parasites. The flea inserts its mouthparts into the skin and feeds off of blood from capillaries. If a cat or kitten has a severe infestation of fleas, there can be significant blood loss. Blood loss results in anemia. Anemia causes weakness and poor oxygen supply to vital organs. You can see organ failure and death in severe cases of anemia.
  2. Flea Allergy Dermatitis – Flea saliva contains an anticoagulant to prevent blood from clotting. Fleas will introduce saliva into their bite wound to help in the feeding process. Some cats have an allergy to the saliva, which causes an intense itching. Read more at Properties Animal Clinic…

Not only the above, but parasites such as tapeworms could be passed on to your cat if the flea is ingested. Plague and cat scratch fever (Bartonellosis,) are additional illnesses that fleas transmit to both humans and pets through their bites.

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The best course of action, should you notice your cat has taken on fleas, is to talk to your veterinarian about treatment. At the same time, you need to treat your home for fleas. Even with the limited professional indoor pest control services currently available, it is still possible to get a flea problem in your home under control.

How do you to get rid of fleas in the house?

To get rid of fleas in your environment, you’ll have to take precautions similar to if you were dealing with lice, bed bugs, or another pest. Follow these tips from the Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Vacuum the floors, furniture, and anything your pet is around daily.
  • Seal and dispose of the vacuum bag afterwards.
  • Steam clean carpets to kill lingering fleas.
  • Wash all pet and family bedding in hot, soapy water every two weeks. Read more at Good Housekeeping…

flea control

The above measures should help keep the indoor flea problem under control for the time being. Call us at Backyard Bug Patrol to treat your home’s exterior to get rid of any fleas in your yard. If these actions do not completely resolve the flea situation, talk to us for further assistance.