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Tag Archives: New Jersey

West Nile Virus Will Spread Come Rain or Shine

With all the talk of Zika virus in the headlines, we need to make sure we’re not forgetting all the other horrible, nasty mosquito borne illnesses that these pesky pests are determined to keep on transmitting.  Last week New Jersey […]

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What’s Your Part in the Fight Against Zika?

Residents in New Jersey are being urged to save themselves some mosquito trouble for the upcoming warmer months by eliminating any standing water they may find surrounding their homes. Standing water is the ideal breading ground for mosquitoes and with […]

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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Breed In Your Yard

New Jersey is coming out the other side of one of the warmest winters recorded and as we make our way into spring time, N.J. residents are concerned that if the season becomes a wet one (which is quite possible […]

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