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What’s Your Part in the Fight Against Zika?

Residents in New Jersey are being urged to save themselves some mosquito trouble for the upcoming warmer months by eliminating any standing water they may find surrounding their homes. Standing water is the ideal breading ground for mosquitoes and with news of the Zika virus spreading far and wide, taking all possible steps towards mosquito prevention is serious and necessary action to take.

Mosquito control efforts in NJ not changing over Zika fears

The mosquito-borne Zika virus is a major concern among health officials and residents in New Jersey, but it’s not changing the state’s approach to curbing the mosquito population this year.

If you are a resident in New Jersey and have not already turned to your mosquito control expert, then now is the time to do it!

Mosquitoes are the most deadly creatures in the world and yet many of us don’t take seriously enough how important it is to protect ourselves.

There needs to be an input from all levels of government, not only in the fight against zika but all other mosquito borne diseases. Here’s an article with the thoughts from Center for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden.

CDC Chief: Zika is coming. To fully protect Americans we must have the funds we need

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention we’ve learned to expect the unexpected – but the ongoing Zika outbreak has caused dangers from a mosquito bite no one imagined: birth defects.

We’d like to reiterate the last paragraph of the above article “There is something everyone can do to control this emerging epidemic and to protect our next generation from this newly discovered threat, and we must act now.”

So please get involved and play your part in the fight against these tiny pests with a huge threat to our health and our lives!