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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Breed In Your Yard

New Jersey is coming out the other side of one of the warmest winters recorded and as we make our way into spring time, N.J. residents are concerned that if the season becomes a wet one (which is quite possible with the way the weather has been behaving) then the mosquito population will multiply to cause misery.

Perfect storm could be brewing for a mosquito invasion of N.J.

Most species of these annoying blood-sucking insects need two major things to thrive: Warm weather and wet places to breed. They already had a few months of unseasonably mild temperatures, which could push up the production cycle of certain types of mosquitoes, according to some insect experts.

Everyone can play their part in reducing the mosquito population, so if there is a lot of rainfall this spring, your first port of all in protecting yourself is to make sure you get rid of any standing water. Top this up with some long term mosquito protection and you’ll be sure to notice a vast reduction of these disease spreading pests in your back yard.

As reported in the above video “The type of mosquito that can carry the zika virus likes to breed close to your home” so make sure that you are taking all precautions to protect your family, friends and pets.

Here Are The Mosquito Repellents That Can Best Protect You From Zika Virus, According To Consumer Reports

It is not surprising for people to flock to supermarkets and drug stores to hoard mosquito repellents, but before the public gives mosquito repellent makers and sellers the most lucrative time of their lives, they should know the most appropriate goods to buy.

There’s no time like the present, so take a trip out to your yard and identify where standing water may collect. Make it a daily habit to keep mosquitoes away from your home. Don’t make it easy for them to get comfortable so they can breed, bite and bring with them horrible diseases.