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West Nile Virus Will Spread Come Rain or Shine

With all the talk of Zika virus in the headlines, we need to make sure we’re not forgetting all the other horrible, nasty mosquito borne illnesses that these pesky pests are determined to keep on transmitting.  Last week New Jersey reported the first case of West Nile virus in Camden County. Here’s an article with further information:-

New Jersey reports 1st human West Nile virus case in Camden County

The New Jersey Department of Health is confirming the state’s first human case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in a 48-year-old Camden County man. On July 8, the individual began exhibiting symptoms including headache, altered mental status and encephalitis, which is swelling of the brain. He is currently hospitalized.

The worrying fact is that many of us could be infected with this disease, without even knowing it. Symptoms are often not evident and with no unwell feeling, it’s hard to detect. You might ask “if there are no symptoms and we don’t get sick, what’s to worry about?” This video shares the stories of those that have been unfortunate enough to become infected.

Such sad stories for these people. It really does change lives forever and what’s terrifying is that many people have never heard of it! If you aren’t aware, how can you make sure you protect yourself from these killers!

The species of mosquito that carry the West Nile virus are particularly tough, whatever the weather. Even in times of drought, these suckers keep on going! Come rain or shine they are ready to take a bite.

West Nile virus mosquitoes don’t mind the drought

As a whole, entomologists say they’re seeing fewer mosquitoes than normal this year, partially because of moderate to severe drought conditions across much of the state. Mosquitoes need hot, humid conditions to proliferate, and the lack of rainfall hasn’t provided that. Many of the state’s 51 species of mosquitoes, including those that transmit Eastern equine encephalitis, have diminished ranks, although the state confirmed its first detection of EEE in a mosquito sample Friday.

Wherever you are in the world take note that these are tough little critters. Don’t let them change your life forever, act now and protect yourself and those you love.