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How To Keep Norway Rats Away From Your Property

Also known as the brown rats, the Norway Rats can survive in the wild for up to 2 years. But even with this ability, they still tend to invade human spaces. Rats moving into homes can sometimes create serious consequences […]

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Three Rodents You Are Likely To Encounter At Home

Did you know that rodents can’t vomit? There’s a barrier between the stomach and esophagus that can’t be opened by force, and they don’t have the muscle strength to open it up. How this works in favor of human beings […]

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Three Different Types Of Rats You May Encounter In Accokeek, MD

If the thought of a rat makes you cringe, then this post is for you. It’s difficult to deal with an enemy that you don’t understand. In fact, learning as much as you can about rats could help you overcome […]

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Do You Have The Right Facts About Rodents in Fort Washington, MD?

Whenever you set out to fight, you need a winning strategy. So, how do you choose the right one? First, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your enemy, or what you are dealing with. This could give you […]

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Is Your Rodent Control Plan in Purcellville, VA As Effective As You Hoped?

The most common rodents that are sure to be a nuisance in your home are rats and mice. They have an amazing ability to nibble at everything. Without a proper rodent control plan, you’ll soon feel the effects of their […]

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Your Rodent Control Plan in Ashburn, VA Must Be Specific To Be Effective

The rodent population in the world is a significant part of the mammal family of species. They form two-fifths of mammals. There are various types of mammals, some of which are found in the wild. Others are likely to cross […]

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