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Rat Traps: Are They An Effective Rodent Control Method?

When it comes to getting rid of rodent pests such as rats, homeowners have varied ways to do this. The one that’s been in use for many years is the rat trap. These devices use bait to lure the rodent […]

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How To Keep Norway Rats Away From Your Property

Also known as the brown rats, the Norway Rats can survive in the wild for up to 2 years. But even with this ability, they still tend to invade human spaces. Rats moving into homes can sometimes create serious consequences […]

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Rats – The Good and Bad Every Homeowner Should Know

There are those who consider rats to be cute little creatures. If you’re one of them, you might be considering getting a pet rat. But before you make your decision, it is worth looking at the pros and cons of […]

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Your Rodent Control Plan in Ashburn, VA Must Be Specific To Be Effective

The rodent population in the world is a significant part of the mammal family of species. They form two-fifths of mammals. There are various types of mammals, some of which are found in the wild. Others are likely to cross […]

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Rodent Problems In 2020 And How To Protect Your Woodbine, MD Home

Mice and rats are not just annoying – they can also be dangerous. They are the top vector for disease transmission – with over 45 diseases on their list. 35 of these can be directly or indirectly transmitted to livestock […]

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