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Tag Archives: snake control

Learn These Little Known Facts About Snakes

Most people suddenly become edgy when they see a snake, dead or alive. Some literally feel the shivers run down their spine while others immediately pass out. Others still may freeze wherever they are while others bolt away like a […]

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What Are Snakes Doing In My Yard?

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your property is a safe and welcoming place for both you and your guests. But sometimes, it seems like nature is working against you, with critters invading your space in ways […]

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As The Cicadas Disappear, Beware of the Snakes

Once every seventeen or thirteen years, a unique phenomenon takes place. Cicadas, which are large insects that have transparent wings, emerge from underground and make a spectacular scene. They live most of their lives below the surface. They only emerge […]

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