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What Are Snakes Doing In My Yard?

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your property is a safe and welcoming place for both you and your guests. But sometimes, it seems like nature is working against you, with critters invading your space in ways that are simply unpredictable.

One such creature is the snake. If you’ve found one in your yard, you’re probably wondering what it’s doing there! In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons why snakes might show up in residential areas. Also, we’ll see what homeowners can do to deter them from sticking around.

Natural Rodent Control

Rodent Control

The most common reason that you’ll see snakes in your yard is that they’re simply trying to do the job that you hired them for in the first place! Simply put, a good number of snakes are natural rodent control. That means they could be hunting in your yard without you even realizing it.

You may think the mice in your house are a pain, but they’re nothing compared to the snakes they may be attracting.

“Many species of snakes seek rodents for food, and if you have rodents living in your attic or property, it is very possible for snakes to be present, too,” says Adrienne Vosseler of Trutech Wildlife Service and Critter Control Operations.

Even if you don’t have mice, “Search for food like bird eggs, baby birds, frogs, lizards, and other smaller amphibians, which can also be an attractant for snakes,” says Vosseler. Read more at Best Life Online

Your Yard Features

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Another reason that snakes might show up in your yard is because you’ve recently done work to it. Laying a new foundation, replacing your grass, or creating a new garden are some examples. These are ways you might unintentionally be directing snakes to your yard. Here are some other characteristics that snakes find appealing:

Clutter – If you have clutter in your yard, it allows snakes to use these items as hiding spots while hunting. Keep your yard free of debris and make sure to store wood and other materials elsewhere. This will deter some other nuisance critters as well.

Birdfeeders – Birds can be messy eaters and often drop seeds, which in turn can attract rodents. These make the perfect meal for those snakes hiding out in your yard. Place your feeder farther away from your home and clean up the area underneath them regularly…

Mulch – Mulch can draw invertebrates that some species of snakes eat. Plus, they can use mulch as a cover to hide.

Garden Pond – As mentioned, snakes love moist areas. Even though garden ponds might look good in your yard, they might be bringing in snakes and providing them with the perfect environment. Read more at Victor Pest

How To Get Rid of Them Naturally

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You sure wouldn’t want to share your yard with snakes. But if they’re there, you may be looking for a way to get rid of them naturally. As it turns out, there are a few options and the following post describes some:

When you’re looking for a way to repel snakes without causing harm, consider natural repellents! Essential oils as a spray without releasing toxic gases. Two oil to mix together are clove and cinnamon oils and should be a concentrated solution. Once you’ve determined the amount to produce spray it directly on the snake and it will go to the opposite direction of the spray. Another remedy you can incorporate is white vinegar. If you have a body of water a snake likes to frequent you can pour the vinegar around the borders of a pond or pool area. If you’re in need of a whole house water treatment service be sure to contact a local professional. How this works is a snakes skin absorbs liquids and slithering over vinegar will make it difficult. If you have a garden area that you would like to protect you can create a repellent mixture of garlic and rock salt and lay it around the perimeter of your compound. Read more at DFW Wildlife

Snake control isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But the good news is that you don’t have to struggle with it. Backyard Bug Patrol is here to eliminate the creepy snakes from your yard. As well as the rodents they’re coming for. Get in touch with us today for excellent professional rodent and snake control services.

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