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Are You Fleeing From Fleas In Harwood, MD?

Did you know that if you live in Harwood you don’t have to fly all the way to California for a glass of good wine? That’s right, just take a short drive to Thanksgiving Farm Winery and get treated to wine made from grapes grown right there. They’re fermented using processes like French oak barrel aging, giving your wine a subtle spicy and silky flavor and feel.

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Let’s move from flavors and feels to fleas. Usually, when one hears the word “fleas” they think of dogs or cats, but did you know that there are certain fleas that prefer human blood? Also, it doesn’t take a lot for fleas to increase in an area, leading to a flea infestation. Just ask the residents of Eastover, NC. While a huge, lit-up ball was dropped in New York to ring in the New Year, they dropped a giant, 30-pound ceramic flea affectionately called “Jasper.”

The event is a nod to the town’s history, the Charlotte Observer reported. “The flea is a symbol of our heritage,” event chair Susan Baggett said in 2018. “For a long period, part of Eastover was known as Flea Hill because of a flea infestation that was eradicated many years ago.” Read more at Charlotte Observer…

It’s alleged that animals used to shelter under a church in Eastover, causing the church to become flea-infested, and then it spread. Thankfully the fleas have long since been eradicated. But this brings up once again the link between animals and fleas.

We know the people of Ann Arundel County, Harwood included, love and protect their pets. Just take a look at the different laws in place and requirements to be met during severe weather animal alerts such as was on last week, to keep them safe. However, these same pets, particularly of the fur variety, like dogs and cats, can be ground zero for a flea infestation in your home.

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Most flea infestations take place in houses that have pets. Your pet might bring the pests into your house and since they are extremely small, it is difficult to spot them (with) the naked eye. However, once the number of fleas increases substantially, you will be able to see them on your furniture and rugs. Fleas can survive in extreme weather conditions and also possess armoured bodies that prevent them from being crushed while thriving in your house’s carpets. Detecting signs of a possible infestation is, therefore, very important to take timely action. Once the home is infested completely, it will become very difficult to get rid of the fleas. Read more at Vents Magazine…

This is why cleaning your pets, treating them with flea preventive solutions, and vacuuming and scrubbing your house often, are vital. That way, you benefit from these adorable pets without the pain and problem of fleas.

So we understand fleas come into your house through pets, but how do they get on the pets, to begin with? Think superhero-like senses and jumping skills.

Fleas have a number of impressive adaptations that make them difficult to control, beyond the ability to jump up to 100 times farther than the length of their bodies. Fleas can sense the breath, warmth, and vibrations of animals, which helps them find their next meal. Once they land, fleas insert a straw-like structure to suck blood and release proteins that keep the blood flowing. Female fleas also lay up to 40 eggs each day. Read more at Business Insider…

What kind of odds do you have with a flea laying FORTY eggs in a day? And the fact that they’re so tiny makes them hard to see and get rid of. Also, can you imagine a flea doing the high jump during the Olympics? Comparatively, no one would stand a chance.

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So it’s no wonder fleas were a problem in the past, playing a big part in the Plague, and are still bothersome today. If you’ve noticed or suspected a flea infestation in your house or just want to be sure, call the crew at Backyard Bug Patrol. We’ll get you taken care of quickly and effectively.