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Are You Hosting Stink Bugs In Your Laurel, MD Home?

Home is where the heart is, and one place in Laurel that could house a bunch of hearts (and has) is the Montpelier Mansion. An 18th-century Georgian style plantation house, it sits on 110 acres and will satisfy the interests of history buffs, children who get to play with time period clothes and toys, creators who want to indulge in pottery in the Arts Center and strollers who want to enjoy walking on the lush lawns. It was declared a National Historic Landmark so it’ll likely be around for a few more centuries.

Another benefit of this classification is that it gets taken care of regularly, which means it likely won’t experience what a couple in California dealt with a few years ago – 26,000 stink bugs! Talk about an infestation!

stink bug control

The brown marmorated stink bug is known for being a pest to farmers and gardeners because they pierce fruits and vegetables, then suck the juices in them using their styles. But when the seasons change and it gets cooler, we see and smell their fury indoors.

In addition to plant damage, (the) brown marmorated stink bug is considered a significant nuisance pest because of its tendency to use homes as overwintering sites. Adults abandon orchards in the Fall, frequently moving into nearby artificial structures for shelter. These seasonal migrations can lead to dramatic infestations within homes. Although stink bugs are not a direct threat to humans, if disturbed the insects will release a strong, unpleasant odor, hence their common name, stink bug. Read more here…

It’s important to emphasize the last point above – stink bugs aren’t a direct threat to humans. After all, they don’t bite, sting, or even destroy our food in cabinets or clothes we have stored away. They mainly come inside to hibernate and pass the winter, then when Spring comes they’ll make their way back outside for sustenance.

stink bug control

Even though stink bugs aren’t necessarily dangerous, they have an inbuilt safety mechanism to protect them from any suspected danger-stink! Can you imagine kicking one by mistake when in your attic, then it, plus all its family members release this terrible coriander-like pungent smell? The horror!

This is why if you happen to be hosting these creatures, you may want to get rid of them. Your first instinct may be to rush to your neighborhood grocery store and buy some traps or pesticides. Turns out you may have a more effective solution already in your house.

A group of researchers from Virginia Tech University conducted a study that found that all you need is a pan of water and a light to attract the bugs to their doom.

The necessary supplies:

A large pan (an aluminum foil one if you want to toss it, because honestly, who wants to reuse a pan that’s had bugs floating in it?); Water and dish soap; A light to attract the bugs

The trap eliminated 14 times more stink bugs than store-bought traps that cost up to $50, the study found. The homemade model is comparatively cheap — roasting pan, dish soap, light — and homeowners might already own the components. Read more at…

Trust the researchers – this remedy is 14 times more effective and free compared to $50 traps. Another option is sweeping them up and tossing them in soapy water and throwing the mix outside. You can also vacuum them up, but the smell might force you to get rid of the vacuum bag.

stink bug control

What if you’ve tried these methods and still have lots of these little bugs in your house? Or what if you’re in the same boat as the California couple with tens of thousands of stink bugs? You probably need something a bit stronger than soap and water.

You can also reach out to a pest management service for additional support if you have trouble controlling the issue on your own. While professionals can definitely decrease the number of stink bugs on your property, there’s still no guarantee they can stop them from invading your home completely without taking preventative measures… Read more at…

The preventive measures mentioned here are sealing and caulking your home so that the pests don’t have a way of coming in through your walls, vents, air conditioners, windows or doors. When it comes to the best pest management service in Laurel, MD look no further than Backyard Bug Patrol. Our team is experienced and trained to eliminate stink bugs from your home effectively. Get in touch with us today.