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Crickets In Barnesville, MD: From Confounded Critter To Crunchy Cuisine?

Known as “The Caring Community” Barnesville, MD is neighbor to the massive Agricultural Reserve with its beautiful orchards and farms. Crickets usually bring to mind destroyed crops when living in such an area. But could crickets change from being viewed as a pest to a palatable delight?

cricket cuisine

First, it’s important to know which types of crickets you’re most likely to encounter living in the state of Maryland.

Three different species of crickets may invade homes in Maryland. The house cricket…is 3/4 to 1 inch long, light brown, with 3 dark bands on the head. They prefer warm areas, but may be found in any area of the home. Field crickets are 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches long and black. They are usually found on the lower floors of a home and in the basement. The camel cricket has a humped back, very long antennae, light tan to dark brown and 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches long. They prefer dark moist places such as damp basements and crawl spaces. Read more at Extension…

So clearly, not all crickets are in the same family as ‘Jiminy’. You may be dealing with a house cricket, field cricket or a camel cricket.

Knowledge is power, so it’s great to have an idea of the different crickets out here in Montgomery County. But what about this talk of eating them? Well, it turns out about a quarter of the world’s population eats insects although a quarter of a chance is the likelihood a Westerner eating them. But with more people seeming to care about their health and branching out in cuisine, you may find crickets being sold in your local health store.

Prof. Serafini and team found that, in some cases, insects beat oranges — which are high in antioxidants — and other healthful foods. In particular, water-soluble extracts from grasshoppers, silkworms, and crickets have five times the antioxidant power of fresh orange juice, which nutritionists value for its high antioxidant content. Read more at Medical News Today…

So the next time you feel a cold coming on and don’t have a glass of fresh orange juice handy, you can catch a cricket instead!

cricket cuisine

As more and more people jump onto the vegan bandwagon, there are mixed reviews on its health benefits. But one thing most experts agree on is the importance of eating enough protein while being on a vegan diet. The University of Connecticut has taken this to heart and have actually begun introducing crickets as a study snack in their convenience store!

Hesitant to give them a try? According to Ana Legrand, who teaches SPSS 1125- Insects, Food and Culture at UConn, insects are a common staple of many people’s diets. “We know that (insects) they’re very high in protein compared to other food items, so in general, insects are well-packed with number of vitamins and minerals,” Legrand said. “They provide all the essential amino acids, so those are some of the benefits attributed to insect consumption.” Read more at Daily Campus…

So maybe it’s time to take a different perspective when it comes to crickets. A big part of the world already does. Escargot has been around for a while too. Instead of looking at eating crickets as a “Fear Factor” challenge, think of it as a protein-filled antioxidant-rich snack!

As you work up the guts to try them out though, you don’t need to tolerate an infestation. Call on Backyard Bug Patrol if crickets are a nuisance in your house or backyard. We’ll treat you to our expert organic solution for excellent results.