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Homeowners In Garrett Park, MD Can Now Say “Sayonara Silverfish!”

insect control - silverfish

Garrett Park, MD has led the way in being the first nuclear-weapons-free zone in the U.S. We at Backyard Bug Patrol would like to continue in the same vein and help your home become a silverfish-free zone. These scary looking pests look almost exactly like their “cousin”, the firebrat, above.

Though not poisonous or biting insects,  silverfish can cause damage to storage boxes and anything made of paper that it can get its hands, or should we say mouth, on. You can usually find them in damp areas in your home, like in your bathroom or basement.

How can you get rid of them? The most effective way would be contacting the trusted techs at Backyard Bug Patrol to come and professionally eradicate them. If you’re more of a DIY person or have only seen a couple, then here are a few ways to bid them farewell.

The first way is using something called diatomaceous earth.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in cabinets and other dark areas.

This powdery substance is actually food-grade, and it’s used to kill anything that crawls. It’s made out of ground-up fossilized material, and the sharp edges of each individual grain puncture insects’ exoskeletons and cause them to die without causing any harm to humans or pets.

Sprinkle the substance in your cabinets, along baseboards, and anywhere else you’d like before you go to bed. In the morning, vacuum up the powder (and along with it, the silverfish).

Wear a mask when you’re sprinkling the powder, since it can irritate your lungs. Read more at Wikihow…

Give this “die silverfish” diatomaceous earth a try, seeing as it’s safe when used around pets, but don’t forget to vacuum the next day.

The next tool to use against silverfish is something else that takes you back to Chemistry class. Think rats or feminine treatments. You’ve got it-boric acid!

Using Boric Acid to Kill Silverfish

Boric acid is another natural substance that will kill both silverfish and their eggs. You can sprinkle it along the baseboards in your home, under the bathtub, and any other area that you notice signs of a silverfish infestation.

When applying the boric acid, take the necessary precautions not to inhale the product because it can be extremely toxic to the lungs. You will also want to avoid using it where your pets might get into it. Read more at Tips Bulletin…

This is an option to use if there are no pets or small children around. Remember to wear gloves and a mask when using it and wash your hands thoroughly once done.

insect control - silverfish

Finally, there’s another method that may take longer, but avoids the use of chemicals. The tried and true trap!

Silverfish Traps

Sticking with the old MouseHunt method of traps and lures – silverfish traps are a highly recommended form of extermination. These are fairly rudimentary devices, but very useful for keeping any pesky bugs (not just silverfish) out of your pantry or other areas that they may contaminate. Essentially, the traps are cardboard structures with a very powerful sticky agent which holds any nomadic bug captive once it comes in contact with the surface. Some of these traps come infused with an alluring scent or taste to bait the bugs, but many don’t.

That said, it’s very easy to bait them yourself; simply place some bread or sugary water etc. on the inside of the glue trap and wait (most of these traps will last months without losing their sticking-strength, but just remember… the longer you leave it, the ickier it’s going to be when you have to dispose of it!). The added bonus here is that there are no chemicals or harmful agents to be worried about introducing into your home. Read more at Pest Hacks…

So you can choose to buy a silverfish trap or make one yourself, and catch any other pests that may be lurking inside your Garrett Park, MD home.

Traps, diatomaceous earth or boric acid – take your pick of whichever silver bullet to use against silverfish. Or better yet, pick the most effective option and hire Backyard Bug Patrol! Our team is standing by.