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Are Stink Bugs Stinking Up Your Chevy Chase, MD Home?

Chevy Chase has been described by Bethesda Magazine as “An affluent enclave of pricey homes, well-tended lawns and hushed streets, as well as top-notch schools – although many families choose private schools.” Someone once said that prior proper planning prevents poor performance and if Chevy Chase was being rated on its performance as “one of the best places to live” it would win hands down due to this adage.

stink bug control

Trash is collected from behind homes, keeping front-facing sidewalks immaculate. Even shopping has been planned in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the pleasant look and feel of the area. Commercial shops like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have been banned from Chevy Chase Village, and instead been relegated to its outskirts.

Something else that would be great to ban from Chevy Chase is the dreaded stink bug. It’s harmless-looking enough, but experience a horde of them in your house or make the mistake of squishing one and oh, the horror! That unsightly look and pungent smell will make you want to move out of your high-end home.

stink bug control

No wonder experts in Italy met earlier this month to go over ways of tackling the brown marmorated stink bug problem.

“There exist complex studies – especially in the US but now in Italy as well – on the use of traps and pheromones, not the sexual type but the aggregating one, so stink bugs within 50-60 meters are attracted to the trap. In Georgia, in the former USSR, they are also raising the awareness of the population because the problem does not only affect producers, but the entire community and territory. They also employ the attract&kill technique, which is useful to reduce the population when used on a large scale. There are even light traps to capture insects at night time.” Read more at FreshPlaza…

When you hear words like “traps” “pheromones” and “attract&kill” you probably think these measures are mainly for farmers who encounter these dreaded pests among their field of crops. But stink bugs are not just smelly insects that can cost lots of money in destroyed produce. They can also become unwelcome guests in your home, as Stuart Stutphin, a columnist found.

When I brought my Christmas cactus back indoors it had several stink bugs hiding in the leaves…these pests usually stay outdoors until the weather cools. In the fall they look for a warm and comfy place to spend the winter. In many cases they will nestle among the branches and foliage of evergreens for whatever protection they can find. If these evergreens are brought indoors, the pest come right along with the leaves. They are soon buzzing around the lights and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Read more at…

‘Tis the season to be jolly, not be vexed by these pungent pests. So it’s important to check your Christmas trees and other plants before bringing them indoors lest you quickly find yourself with a pest problem on your hands.

stink bug control

But what if you went the traditional way, bought a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and DIDN’T check for pests? Now you have these shield-shaped bugs inside and need to get rid of them. Well, turns out, all you need is a vacuum.

How do you get rid of stink bugs once they have already entered your home? Use a vacuum cleaner for their removal. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately to prevent odor from permeating the area, as dead stink bugs leave a residue inside the bag that can stink up your home. Read more at Pest World…

So bring out your handy dandy vacuum cleaner and suck those stink bugs out of there! If you have an infestation on your hands or just want that professional touch, call the experts at Backyard Bug Patrol.