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How To Keep Roaches Away From Your Glenn Dale, MD Home

There are over 4000 species of roaches in the world, but two types feature most in our homes. This is the German cockroach and the American cockroach. An interesting fact about the American Cockroach; it has a liking for alcohol. Shocking right? Well did you also know that cockroaches can live up to a week without their head? These creatures are really creepy. So how do you ensure you don’t share a home with them?

Understand what attracts roaches

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It is easy to quickly go into remedies for your roach infestation. But, to deal with them effectively, you need to understand what brought them there in the first place.

When you turn on the lights and see these pesky pests run for cover, it can be an unnerving feeling. The first step to ridding your space of cockroaches is to learn what’s attracting them into your home in the first place:

  • Food. Food bits left on dirty dishes in the sink, milk left in the jug after being thrown away, and crumbs on the floor after you cook—these are all things that cockroaches would love to have as their next meal.
  • Water. Any source of moisture is a potential lure for cockroaches. From leaky pipes to spills in the kitchen, if there’s a source of moisture, cockroaches will stick around.
  • Shelter. Cockroaches hide in gaps and crevices in walls as well as within clutter. If you have a pile of cardboard or wood, cockroaches are likely to pick that as their home. Read more from Plunkett’s…

Roaches, just like other pests, are attracted to certain things. If your home provides these things, it becomes the perfect shelter. The best way to deal with them effectively is to make your home uninhabitable for them.

Be proactive about prevention

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Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. Well, this is also true when it comes to keeping your home roach-free. You can do this by properly cleaning surfaces, ensuring there are no food particles behind items in the kitchen or in any other part of the room.

This might sound like an elementary bit of advice, but the best way to get rid of roaches might be to be clean enough to not have roaches in the first place. Roaches are attracted to messy, dirty homes because they are always looking for food. If there is no food on the floor or countertops, no drops of water leaking from a faucet, then the roaches won’t want to stay, and they certainly won’t want to set up shop. Read more from GreenMatters…

By maintaining proper hygiene, you will have eliminated a huge chunk of the problem.

Seal all possible entry points

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Roaches typically get into homes by passing through some entry points. An easy way to avoid this is to seal up any possible routes they could use. It could be open floorboards or that gap under the kitchen door. They should all be sealed. Other things like the used furniture that you recently bought and didn’t clean up could potentially be an entry point.

Roaches can flatten and scuttle their way through small cracks, holes, or screens, so shut out any future invaders by sealing up gaps between the interior and the outdoors (or other apartments or condo units) with materials like door guards, clear caulk, or steel wool. Hartzer advises getting down on floor-level and looking at your entryway. “If you can see daylight underneath your door, that means roaches can get in,” she says.

Don’t forget about the things you purposefully bring into your home either. Groceries, deliveries, or old furniture may be home to a few roaches, so inspect them carefully before bringing them indoors. Read more from Good housekeeping…

This post has highlighted some simple methods you can use to deal with roaches. However, for thorough indoor pest control, you need to call in professionals. They will ensure the problem is properly dealt with and your home is free of roaches. Do you live in Glenn Dale, MD? Backyard Bug Patrol is at your service! Call us today.