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Zika Virus: Women in Brazil Encouraged to Delay Pregnancy

At the end of December, Brazil was issued with a high alert warning surrounding a mosquito-borne virus.
The Zika virus is thought to be the cause of  “microcephaly — a rare condition in which infants are born with shrunken skulls” of which […]

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Fighting Mosquitoes: Every Little Helps

Unusually high amounts of rainfall have caused South Florida residents a concern of a ‘buzzy’ nature during this Holiday season. As mosquitoes only need very little water to breed, the Mosquito Control Department has its work cut out with additional […]

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Women in Brazil Warned not to have Babies due to Zika Virus

There have been further reports relating to the mosquito-borne virus known as Zika virus. In the northeastern part of Brazil, a concerning discovery has expectant mothers on high alert. If an infected mosquito bites an expectant mother a risk of […]

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Mosquito Control Methods For a Peaceful Night at Home

Every living creature does everything to avoid a life-threatening conflict. Mostly, they’ll avoid such a clash altogether. If not, they’ll put up a fight to get themselves out of the threatening situation. Not so with mosquitoes- they are unique pests. […]

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Learn Some Interesting Facts About the Mosquito’s Body Parts

Have you ever taken a moment to think of the vast number of creatures in the animal kingdom? Moreover, did you consider how a single type of animal could be having thousands of different species? Isn’t it simply amazing how […]

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A Few Important Clarifications About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the cause of untold suffering for millions of people across the world. It is unlikely that you would come across a person who does not know what a mosquito is. Or some of the basic details about this […]

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The Mosquito Bite Nuisance For Mount Rainier, MD Residents

Mosquitoes seem to be present all over the world. This would be okay if all they did was merely exist. It is a fact that there are some species of mosquitoes that do not bite humans. However, there are some […]

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Need A Remedy For Your Mosquito Problem in Clinton, MD? Consider These Factors

There are over 3500 mosquito species the world over. However, there are three main species in Maryland: The common house mosquito, the yellow fever mosquito, and the Asian tiger mosquito. When these tiny bugs invade your home in Clinton, MD, […]

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Why Residents of Jessup, MD Should Be Extra-Vigilant About Mosquitoes

Spending time outdoors has been widely encouraged this summer. Small outdoor gatherings in Howard County are considered safest as far as avoiding exposure to Covid-19. However, outdoors is also where the risk of acquiring a mosquito-borne disease shoots up.

At the […]

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You Don’t Have To Tolerate Mosquitos in Your Gainesville, VA Residence

Like most people, you probably hate mosquitos. Unfortunately, they are common throughout Prince William County, VA. They can be the cause of sleepless nights as they loudly buzz around you at night, so you can’t ignore them. Plus, they have […]

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