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Of What Good Are Mosquitoes Anyway?

This is a question that crosses many people’s minds. You’ve probably also dreamed of the day when the world would be mosquito-free. Haven’t we all? First of all, they successfully ruin your plans to just sit outside and have some fresh air. Their constant buzzing and biting are most annoying. Then, when they do bite, it can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Moreover, once they bite, there are several illnesses they could have transmitted to you.

It only makes sense to find out if searching for a mosquito eradication plan would do. But this post will help you see the other side of the story.

Ecological Balance

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It’s hard to believe it but the presence of mosquitoes is important to the environment. So, if you care about the environment, just know that these bugs are helpful. Here’s how:

Take the much-maligned mosquito, for example. We think of them as an annoyance at best, a carrier of serious and even deadly diseases at worst. But they play a key role in many ecosystems, according to National Geographic. Male mosquitoes eat nectar and, in the process, pollinate all manner of plants. These insects are also an important food source for many other animals, including bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians and even other insects.

Serving as a food source for other animals is how they fit into the various food chains in places where they live. A food chain is essentially a “who eats what” in a particular ecosystem. A food web is all the food chains that exist in an ecosystem, according to National Geographic. Read more at Reconnect With Nature

You’re probably rolling your eyes with sarcasm. But really, none of us knows how significant the absence of mosquitoes would be. And even so, you can be sure the effect may not be immediate. Yet, their presence is also helpful in health research.

Health Studies

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More than being a source of food in the ecosystem, mosquitoes also help in research. They help to discover ways of managing mosquito allergies.

Mosquito allergy occurs worldwide and is common in tropical and subtropical regions where mosquitoes are abundant, since the climatic conditions at these latitudes favor their life cycle and proliferation (2, 3), and increase the chances of interaction with humans. Early efforts to identify mosquito allergens focused mainly on the saliva because it was believed that biting was the unique mechanism of exposure and sensitization. However, some evidence suggests that proteins from the insect’s body may remain in the environment as aerosols or in the dust after they die and induce and allergic responses when they are inhaled by atopic individuals, similarly as house dust mites (HDMs) do. Read more at Frontiersin

Clearly, if mosquitoes were to disappear from the earth, there would be a sense of getting stuck in this research process.

Essential Oils

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In a sense, the presence of mosquitoes sustains the continual search for better control methods. As a result, the use of essential oils has re-emerged. And isn’t it true that essential oils can do a lot more than just control mosquitoes?

Essential oils can have numerous benefits. From stress relief to restful sleep, users of essential oils have found lots of applications for these naturally-derived oils. Like any product, not all essential oils are created equal in quality, and consumers should do significant research before purchasing any oils…

There are great recipes for DIY essential oil mosquito repellent with citronella, lavender, peppermint, sweet basil, catnip, tea tree oil, and clary sage essential oils. Since everyone has different scent preferences, feel free to experiment until you find one that works for you. Also, it’s important to note that mosquito repellents use other scents to camouflage your body’s scent. Since everyone smells slightly different, what works for you might not work for your friends or family. Read more at Mosquito Squad

Well, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. Even with the presence of mosquitoes, some good things may emerge.

But that doesn’t mean you can take it easy as far as mosquito control goes. This small insect is still responsible for the death of many people every year. Do your best to protect your family from mosquito-borne illnesses. Call the Backyard Bug Patrol for organic mosquito control options.