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Creepy Crawly Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas! Tomorrow as we celebrate the festive season in style, there may also be another tiny creature having a party all of their own…in your Christmas tree.

Watch for ticks on the Xmas tree this year, health officials warn

New York state health officials say adult deer ticks have beeen active and will continue to be active until temperatures stay below 40 degrees for awhile; and if they hitch a ride on your Christmas tree, they could be active in your living room.

By now, we’re pretty sure that you’ve made the necessary checks to your tree to ensure that you’re free from hitch hiking ticks! If you went for the artificial option then it may not be a bad choice this time around.

Nobody wants to invite critters into their home, especially those with a tendency to spread life threatening diseases. Take extra precautionary measures and invest in the best tick control.

’Tis the Season for . . . Ticks?

I was rendered nearly speechless when I crawled under the Christmas tree to add water, and I found the floor underneath the tree littered with what appeared to be ticks.

Your Christmas tree is the ideal hiding place for bugs all shapes and sizes, so protect yourselves, your family and your friends. Nobody wants to be greeted by a creepy crawly gift.