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Fighting Mosquitoes: Every Little Helps

Unusually high amounts of rainfall have caused South Florida residents a concern of a ‘buzzy’ nature during this Holiday season. As mosquitoes only need very little water to breed, the Mosquito Control Department has its work cut out with additional spraying during December.

No break from mosquitoes, or unseasonable heat, on this holiday

Palm Beach County’s abnormally wet and warm weather is forcing officials to spray for mosquitoes into late December – an unprecedented event for this deep into what is traditionally the dry season.

Here’s hoping for a frosty morning to try and kill some of them off. No such luck at the moment though, as it appears the warm and wet weather is here to stay for a while longer.

It won’t be long before these disease spreading critters are a big problem all year round. We look forward to a little relief when the cooler seasons arrive, however, we are unable to drop our guard. We need to make sure we are on top of our mosquito control at all times!

Record-setting heat wave helping bugs breed in northeast Florida

A record-setting heat wave means bugs are thriving this winter. The warm temperatures aren’t just bringing unexpected beach days to this holiday season; they’re also bringing bugs. The prolonged warm weather means bugs have had more time to breed, which is why you may have noticed them biting at your Christmas party.

Take your own action, wherever you are located. Get rid of standing water and protect your outdoor areas. Add your contribution to fighting these deadly bugs. Every little thing helps.