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You Can Be A Mosquito Hunter Too!

The need for funds is ever increasing to assist for the fight against mosquitoes and in particular the recent threat of the Zika virus. Efforts are being made to protect the public with the use of sprays, however, is there enough funding from the government to keep going?  Here’s how Houston’s ‘mosquito hunters’ are putting up a fight against this debilitating virus.

Houston’s mosquito hunters take on Zika: ‘We cannot spray our way out’

Zika causes mild symptoms, if patients show any at all. The virus was largely ignored after its identification in 1947. It wasn’t until more than a million Brazilians were infected that the worst impacts of the disease showed themselves. Now, Zika is believed to cause microcephaly, a severe birth defect that leaves children with abnormally small heads. In some people, it appears to cause the neurological muscle paralysis syndrome Guillain-Barré.

Residents all over the United States are being urged to make sure that their mosquito control is up to date. Making individual contributions may not seem such a lot against what some of us fear, a losing battle, but believe us when we say that every preventative step taken helps us take a step forward. We can’t wait for Congress to come to a decision.

Are you fighting the bite? With the warmer months surrounding us, which lead to increased time outdoors then the use of a repellent is also vital. Whatever you can do to turn that bloodsucker away from landing on your skin and taking it’s meal.

Mosquito Experts Warn of Possible Local Zika Transmission This Summer

If a mosquito bites an infected person and then bites other people, that mosquito could spread the virus in a cycle called local transmission. If a mosquito in Austin bites an infected person and then bites other people, that mosquito could spread the virus in a cycle called local transmission, said Phil Huang, medical director and health authority for Austin/Travis, Texas  County Health and Human Services.

It just takes one bite from an infected mosquito to cause a lifetime of misery, so please, please act now and make sure that you take all precautions necessary. You can be a mosquito hunter too!