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Mosquito Repellent to Mutant Mosquitoes

All the talk about Zika virus leads to many of us raising the question “what’s the best way to protect ourselves?” Of course, taking preventative measures with anti-mosquito products is the obvious answer, from applying repellents directly onto our skin, specially designed repellent clothing and protecting our homes so that these critters just can’t get in with a barrier spray.

Battling Zika Virus: Comparing Anti-Mosquito Products

The spread of the Zika virus, combined with the start of mosquito season, has consumers looking for ways to protect themselves against the mosquito-borne illness, which has been associated with devastating birth defects.

There is still a lot of talk regarding the creation of genetically modified mosquitoes to reduce the population, as an additional ‘soldier’ in the fight against Zika.

A “glowing mutant mosquito” wow! When you stop and think about the power of science it is just astounding isn’t it? It’s a scary thought to think that thousands to millions of these bugs will be released into the wild. Just how safe is it?

British Firm Insists Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Used to Combat Zika Virus Are Safe, Effective

Responding to concerns about the long-term impact of releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes in an effort to eradicate the disease-carrying Aedes aegypti species, the firm behind the bio-science that has created sterile male insects insists that it is not only safe but very effective.

There are words of confidence and support being shared with this revolutionary method and with a proposed test of the modified insect to be released in part of the Florida Keys, we will soon see how effective this can be in the ongoing battle of fighting mosquito borne disease.